Don't Expect Miles Morales In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home Miles Morales

Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home doesn't introduce fan-favorite comic book hero Miles Morales. Marvel Studios only brought Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few years ago thanks to a deal with Sony Pictures, which owns the film rights to Spidey and many characters associated with the wall-crawling hero. Tom Holland debuted as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War before leading his own film in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He's since appeared in two team-ups, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but returns this summer in his solo sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The movie sees Peter Parker head to Europe with his classmates for summer vacation. While there, Spider-Man is called on by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to team up with a man from an alternate universe, Quentin Beck aka. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), in order to take on the Elementals. As evidenced by the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Peter feels the pressure of being one of Earth's top superheroes, especially since he spent much of Homecoming learning to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. And it appears Peter won't be getting any help from Miles Morales, a Marvel Comics character who's also donned the suit and mantle of Spider-Man.

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Screen Rant had a chance to visit the Spider-Man: Far From Home set and producer Eric Carroll responded to whether Miles Morales will appear in the movie with a simple, "No." So barring any major changes to the movie since the set visit and ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home's release in July, fans shouldn't expect Miles Morales to show up.

With that said, it doesn't mean Miles Morales will never appear in the MCU. Spider-Man: Homecoming did set up the character to potentially eventually show up. In that film, Donald Glover played Aaron Davis, the uncle of Miles who eventually becomes the villain Prowler in the comics. Glover's Aaron Davis even mentions his nephew, though not by name. A deleted scene, however, does confirm Miles Morales exists in the MCU. While the reference to the character is mainly included as an Easter egg, it establishes the larger Spider-Man universe and gives Marvel Studios the opportunity to one day have Peter Parker mentor Miles Morales' Spider-Man.

Of course, the character of Miles Morales recently lead his own big screen movie in last year's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The animated film starred Shameik Moore as Miles and introduces a host of alternate universe Spider-people, including different versions of Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man Noir. Because the film established a whole Spider-Verse, and hinted Venom takes place in one of these universes, Marvel Studios and Sony could feasibly unite the universes through the multiverse. After all, Far From Home's Mysterio introduces the multiverse to the MCU. A more recent clip from Spider-Man: Far From Home even confirms the MCU is Earth-616 in the multiverse.

Whether the MCU eventually connects to Sony's Spider-Man universes remains to be seen. For now, though, fans can still take heart in Miles Morales likely already existing in the MCU. While Miles won't show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it's still a possibility he'll suit up in the MCU's Phase 4 or beyond.

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