Spider-Man: Far From Home Producer On Possible Mysterio Villain Twist

Quentin Beck aka Mysterio is said to be a good guy in Spider-Man: Far From Home despite his villainous traits in the comics, so will a twist come during the film? Spider-Man has one of the greatest rogues galleries in all of comics, and while we've previously seen major foes like Green Goblin, Venom, The Lizard, and more, it'll be Spider-Man: Far From Home that finally brings the fan-favorite to the screen.

Fans have been waiting for years to see Mysterio in a live-action setting, and anticipation for his debut has only increased since Jake Gyllenhaal was cast in the part. The illusionist and special effects wizard has a long history in the comics of making himself appear as a hero to start, even though he's actually the one behind the threats he's stopping. This has led to comic readers being incredibly suspicious of where Mysterio's true alliances will lie, and if he's telling the truth about where he comes from.

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When Screen Rant visited the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we spoke to producer Eric Carroll about Mysterio and what their take is for the well-known villain. Carroll compared what they're doing with Mysterio to how Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was positioned in Doctor Strange, and indicated that a true face off between them won't happen until the future - but that his actual intentions will be revealed during the sequel.

Sure, we wanted to find our "in" and similar to what we did with Mordo in Doctor Strange, we wanted to give them time to have relationships so when and if we get to do something different with Mysterio, it really feels like a betrayal. You know what I mean? So, not unlike Chiwetel, we've got this amazing actor, we really want to do something interesting with it, we think we have this fun new in for it, right? And we're hopefully setting the stage for something really spectacular and that feels really Spider-Man, which is, again, if we get to do something else with this character, then they've already got this really personal relationship.

If Mysterio's arc in Spider-Man: Far From Home really does mirror Baron Mordo's in Doctor Strange, then it would appear that he actually will be a hero for the majority of the film. Mordo helps train Strange in his solo film and works with him all the way up until the end, only leaving after he learns Strange has messed with the natural law. This would make Mysterio an actual mentor for Peter in the wake of Iron Man's death, but then also save the reveal that they aren't as like-minded as Peter thought until extremely late in the game.

Based on this tease by Carroll, there's a chance that Mysterio will not turn into a full on villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home after all. He may just be an ally to Peter for the majority of this film, before a villainous twist on a smaller scale happens. This would mean a true clash between Spider-Man and Mysterio could then be saved for the future. They are saving the return of Michael Keaton as Vulture for another installment too, so maybe Vulture and Mysterio will be part of a build up to Sinister Six - even if that's not the focus of this story. Either way, it looks like Mysterio's role in Spider-Man: Far From Home will be even more complicated than previously believed.

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