One Mysterio Illusion In Spider-Man: Far From Home Everybody Missed

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home featured a one-of-a-kind villain: Mysterio, who brought a new type of chaos to Spider-Man’s life through a variety of elaborate illusions. There’s one sequence, in particular, where a bunch of these happen really fast, and it’s easy to miss some details, like a car. The Marvel Cinematic Universe reached its peak with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which marked the final appearance of some of the original Avengers, but Spider-Man: Far From Home was the end of Phase 3 and the Infinity Saga.

Spider-Man: Far From Home followed the aftermath of the (final) snap – or “blip”, as they decided to call it – and the re-integration of those who vanished and came back. All this while also following Peter Parker on a school trip to Europe, where he couldn’t get rid of danger as Mysterio was waiting for him. Quentin Beck aka Mysterio was a former holographic-illusions specialist at Stark Industries who was fired and looking for revenge. He set up truly trippy and terrifying illusions to make himself a hero in front of everyone and also to attack Peter, who he managed to trick many times throughout the film.

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When Peter realizes Mysterio is a fraud, he travels to Berlin to meet with Nick Fury, but it all turned out to be one of Beck’s illusions. It was a long sequence packed with a bunch of visions, going from multiple Spider-Mans attacking the real one, to a zombie Iron Man coming out from the ground. However, there’s one small but interesting detail that many missed, and thanks to a Reddit user, it came to light. During the first part of this sequence, a giant Mysterio hand punches Spider-Man, making him fall from the building and land on an old car. This car is the one in which fake Nick Fury (as in: the one made by Mysterio) drove them to the building – only Mysterio made it look much more decent.

Spider-Man Far From Home car

As the Reddit user who pointed this detail out added, this also explains why the seat belt didn’t work when Peter got in the car, as it isn’t exactly in prime condition. Once Spider-Man got back on his feet, the nightmarish illusions continued, and Mysterio went as far as to fake his death (by the hands of Nick Fury) in order to get information from Peter. Sadly, it worked, but Spider-Man found a way around it. The detail of the car doesn’t add anything new or substantial to the story, but it’s a good example of the attention to detail of Mysterio and his crew.

With Spider-Man: Far From Home finally out on digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD, more hidden details not only in Mysterio’s illusions but in the rest of the film will surely come out – and with a lot of time to go before a third Spider-Man film is released, fans can calmly revisit and analyze this one as many times as they want. Who knows, there might be something that proves one of the most common fan theories that says the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home was an illusion from Mysterio.

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