Spider-Man: Mysterio's Fish Bowl Helmet Has Potential Elemental Connection

Based on a new tease, Mysterio's infamous fish bowl helmet may potentially have a connection to The Elementals in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Mysterio will make his long-awaited debut in the Spidey sequel, which, as seen in the latest trailer, will be set after Avengers: Endgame and will explore a post-Iron Man world. Quentin Beck will be played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and is apparently set to serve as a new mentor figure to Peter Parker.

The two will be brought together by Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Following the snap, a hole was ripped between dimensions, unleashing The Elementals on our MCU. And it will be up to Spider-Man and Mysterio to stop them. The pairing surprised fans, who are all too familiar with Mysterio's role in the source material. Whether or not Mysterio ultimately lives up to his comic book roots remains to be seen, but both the marketing - and Gyllenhaal - are leaning into Quentin Beck as being a good guy. New information regarding Mysterio's look, however, may have teased that there will indeed be a link between he and The Elementals.

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In an interview with executive producer Eric Carroll, Screen Rant learned more about Mysterio's look in the film. From the moment it was revealed the character would make an appearance, fans questioned whether he would sport his famous helmet. Luckily, the first trailer revealed that he would indeed. When thanked for its inclusion, Caroll stated, "We had to. Literally, it was like...I mean, between Ryan and Kevin [Feige], there was no world where we brought him in where we're allowed to do it without the fish bowl."

Carroll then went on to elaborate how the helmet will function, and potentially teased how it may actually serve a particular point in the story: "Obviously we don't want to cover this guy's face for the whole time, so, it does retract, not unlike Robert Downey's Iron Man helmet. But it's there and it's cool. We haven't finished the effects test of it yet, but I'm super psyched to see it have a smokey, elemental quality to it."

The description of Mysterio's helmet having an "elemental quality" could just be a coincidence. Then again, it could just as easily be more. Quentin Beck is, in the comics, a master of illusion and special effects. Although him being from another Earth could open the way for him actually being a hero, the prevailing theory is that he's the mastermind behind The Elementals. If so, he would need a way to control his creations in the field. And Mysterio's helmet being a reverse of Iron Man's would lend itself to that ability. After all, Iron Man's helmet functioned as a system through which Tony Stark could control his suits various functions. Could Quentin's have a similar use, perhaps even with it's own A.I. through which he fools the world?

The comparison between Mysterio's helmet and Iron Man's is also a clever one on a thematic level. The trailers describe Mysterio as Thor and Iron Man rolled into one, and him having similar tech will only serve to hammer that parallel home. It will also lend itself to Peter's bond with Beck as he seeks to fill the Tony Stark-shaped hole in his life. As well as hoping Mysterio could be the new Iron Man the world needs. Unfortunately, the question will ultimately be just what Mysterio is doing under there. If it does indeed turn out to have sinister, Elemental-related functions, Peter Parker will no doubt face even more emotional anguish when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters.

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