Spider-Man: Far From Home Toy Reveals Include Hydro-Man & Molten Man

Hasbro has fully unveiled its Spider-Man: Far From Home toy line. Far From Home is a little over two months away, and marks the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3.

The film is in an interesting position, as it confirms that Spider-Man survives the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Surprisingly, it isn't the start of Phase 4 as originally thought, and we know based on the trailer that Nick Fury also survives Thanos' snap. Far From Home's story brings Peter to Europe on a vacation with friends. But, there is no rest for the heroic, as Nick Fury shows up. From there, danger follows. The film is introducing Mysterio, one of Spidey's classic antagonists. Interestingly, the trailer features elemental beings, with fans theorizing them to be Hydro Man, Molten Man, and Sandman. Marvel has yet to confirm this, though LEGO sets for the movie feature both Hydro Man and Molten Man. Also, subtle Easter eggs may imply the identity of these elemental creatures.

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Now, Hasbro has released images of its toy line for the film, including new Marvel Legends figures. Some are expected, such as Spider-Man's Stealth Suit, and Mysterio. Characters in the general Legends lineup include Spider-Woman (the Julia Carpenter version), Doppelganger Spider-Man, Scorpion, and Hydro Man. These figures (aside from the primary Spider-Man one) come with a Molten Man piece. When these pieces are all collected, they form a large figure of the fiery villain. (This is similar to other build-a-figures in the Marvel Legends line, such as Galactus and Sentinel.)

Along with these higher-end Marvel Legends figures, Hasbro is also releasing toys aimed at a younger audience, including a Molten Man figure. There are also web blasters, and a Stealth Suit flip mask. The figures are up for pre-order at sites such as Hasbro Pulse and Entertainment Earth.

There are a few things to keep in mind with the toy reveals. Molten Man and Hydro Man being part of the Marvel Legends Wave does not confirm these two characters' inclusion in the movie. However, it is interesting that a Molten Man figure is being released under the Far From Home line. Of course, with the LEGO sets, it appears Marvel has all but confirmed the appearance of these two villains in the story. Interestingly, the elemental being that is theorized to be Sandman is nowhere to be found in toy products. We'll hopefully get more details on these Elementals when the second trailer drops.

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