Far From Home Cut Its Best Spider-Man Scene

Spider-Man Far From Home Peter's To Do List

Marvel cut out what would have been a classic Spider-Man scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home. By any measure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man is a phenomenal success. Tom Holland has captured the character of a youthful Peter Parker almost perfectly, and he's now considered by many to be the definitive big-screen version of Spider-Man.

And yet, for all that's the case, this really isn't "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" any more. The point was made humorously by Nick Fury/Talos in Spider-Man: Far From Home, when he cuttingly pointed out that Peter has been to space. Over the course of his five MCU movies, Spider-Man made his big-screen debut in Germany, traveled to the planet Titan, participated in an all-out war against Thanos' armies, and then went on a European vacation. Even Spider-Man: Homecoming featured a field trip to Washington DC.

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That makes it all the more disappointing that Marvel chose to edit out a classic sequence that grounded Spider-Man in his day-to-day life and his relationship with New York (much like the "do a flip!" scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming). Dubbed "Peter's To-Do List" by director Jon Watts, this saw Peter Parker getting ready for his European vacation. He visits Delmar's to get a dual headphone adaptor and a European travel plug, he sells his Star Wars toys at a pawn shot to get money for the trip, he picks up his passport, and - of course - he takes down a crime syndicate. The last part provides an opportunity to showcase the Iron Spider suit's capabilities, and gives Spider-Man a chance to banter with the police.

This is your classic Spider-Man, balancing out his personal life and his superhero responsibilities, struggling to make ends meet financially, and even trading witty banter. What's more, the scene even provides an opportunity to showcase the Iron Spider's capabilities, which haven't really been displayed on the big screen to date. Marvel presumably knew these scenes would be popular, given that shots from them were featured prominently in Spider-Man: Far From Home's trailers. They were then restored in Spider-Man: Far From Home's extended cut.

Marvel and director Jon Watts made a judgment call, and it's an understandable one. The plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home was centered upon the wall-crawler's European vacation, and "Peter's To-Do List" would have added extra preamble, delaying the story actually getting underway. They chose to accelerate the film's pace by cutting it, perhaps even then realizing there was material for a potential re-release.

Yet this sequence is more classic Spider-Man than anything that made it out of the editing room. It points to the fact that, by giving Spider-Man such a prominent role in the wider MCU, Marvel has changed the character completely. He's no longer "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man," but rather has morphed into a hero who operates on a very different scale. Spider-Man: Far From Home's post-credits scene, which sees Peter Parker's secret identity revealed to the world, potentially completes that transition. This isn't quite the Spider-Man of the comics any more.

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