Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Chameleon Is Not What You Think

Spider Man Far From Home - Numan Acar Chameleon

Numan Acar's Chameleon in Spider-Man: Far From Home may not be what Marvel Comics readers are expecting. In just his second solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man's rogues gallery is quickly being incorporated into the world. Spider-Man: Homecoming used Vulture, The Tinkerer, Shocker, and Prowler, and Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to feature Mysterio, variations of Hydro-Man, Molten Man, and Sandman as The Elementals, and even the master of disguise Chameleon.

The inclusion of the latter was first tipped off when Aladdin actor Numan Acar joined Spider-Man: Far From Home as "Dimitri." This immediately tipped off Marvel fans that he could be playing Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as classic Spider-Man foe Chameleon. This role was never confirmed to be who Acar was playing, but we learned some surprising details about him.

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Screen Rant visited the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home and spoke to director Jon Watts about what he was doing with the sequel, and one of the questions pertained to Acar's role in the film. Watts wanted to keep some of the details about Acar's role under wraps, but he did reveal his surprising boss, while leaving the door open to whether or not Dmitri is Chameleon.

Well, Dmitri in the film works for Nick Fury and I think anyone who works for Nick Fury, they certainly have a mysterious past. We're not specifically saying that he's...but we're not not saying.

While Spider-Man: Far From Home may very well leave Dmitri's backstory and capabilities a mystery, him being part of Fury's team is a fun twist on expectations. This could potentially mean that Dmitri's skills come from days of being a spy or undercover agent, and that would be how he and Fury crossed paths. It could be revealed that Chameleon is a code name or nickname for Dmitri because his ability to become someone else is so impressive.

Of course, the hesitancy from Watts to reveal more details about Dmitri's role in Spider-Man: Far From Home could be because there's more to him than the film initially lets on. The sequel is framing Mysterio as a hero after all, and if it does reveal that this isn't totally the case, we could also learn that Dmitri has ulterior motives, paving the way for him to return as a villain down the line. He's the brother of Kraven the Hunter too, so he could potentially be the one to send Kraven on his last hunt in another sequel. But, we'll need to see exactly what his role in Spider-Man: Far From Home is first.

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