Spider-Man & Mysterio Duke It Out In Far From Home Billboards

A pair of new billboards for Spider-Man: Far From Home appears to finally have pit Spider-Man and Mysterio against each other. The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will close out Phase 3. Set mere moments after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the Spider-Man sequel will see Peter Parker (Tom Holland) still mourning the loss of Tony Stark. Equally, it will see the young hero attempt to readjust to a normal life. Part of that effort will see him aim to leave his superhero duties behind in order to enjoy a European vacation like a normal teenager. Unfortunately, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) has other ideas.

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With a group of monsters known as The Elementals rampaging throughout Europe, Spider-Man is recruited to fight alongside Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) in order to bring them down and help save the world. Claiming to be from a parallel dimension, Mysterio will serve as a mentor figure to Peter, guiding him through his grief. Given his comic book roots, many fans remain highly suspicious of Mysterio's story and overall motives. Whether or not Mysterio's true intentions remaining anything but good remains to be seen. The marketing has, thus far, leaned heavily into the two characters forging a friendship, however, with trailers showing them shaking hands and socializing over drinks. Two new billboards, however, may have just revealed the truth.

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Created and posted on Instagram by Ryan Meinerding Art, the two billboards can be seen on proud display. Located across the street from each other, one is focused solely on Spider-Man. The other, meanwhile, is centered entirely on Mysterio. On their own, there doesn't appear to be anything displaying animosity between the pair. But, when viewed together, side by side, they definitely give a sense that the characters are in a battle with each other. Mysterio can clearly be seen aiming a blast in Spider-Man's direction, which carries over to the Spidey's billboard as he attempts to dodge it. Check out each of the posts below:

Meinerding is not only a character designer and concept artist but also the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios. As such, he has had a hand in designing many of the costumes, including all of Captain America's and the variety of suits Spider-Man will wear in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Fans are already praising the color and designs of the billboard's artwork. Most especially another look at the comic-book accurate design of Mysterio, that Gyllenhaal apparently fought to include. This isn't the first indication of Mysterio's true nature, however, with recently released tie-in toys teasing his allegiance.

If Mysterio does ultimately prove to be the film's main villain, it won't prove as shocking a twist - to comic-book fans, at least - as the reveal of Vulture being Liz's dad in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Still, given the seemingly budding friendship between the two and Peter's desire to fill the Tony Stark-shaped hole in both his life and the world, it would still prove to be a savagely emotional one. And any lack of surprise, for longterm fans, will be offset by finally getting to see the longtime foes finally come face-to-face on the big screen. As such, the new billboard will no doubt serve as an exciting tease of that potential clash and tide fans over until Spider-Man: Far From Home finally hits theaters.

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Source: Ryan Meinerding Art/Instagram

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