Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Bigger & Funnier Than Homecoming

It may be early, but Spider-Man: Far From Home is shaping up to be bigger and funnier than Spider-Man: Homecoming. The tendency when it comes to movie sequels is to do what made the first film work and do more of it. 'Bigger is better' is the mantra they often follow and that continues to be a tough bar to surpass for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When it comes to Sony and Marvel working together especially, how Homecoming turned out could make that even more difficult. But, with an overseas adventure coming and Jake Gyllenhaal in talks for Mysterio, there's plenty of ways they'll shake the franchise up.

Far From Home will do what no other Spider-Man movie has done and take Spider-Man out of the United States - finally paying off a tease from Amazing Spider-Man 2. The globe-trotting story will offer more locations and possibly characters. They'll look to maintain the John Hughes tone from Homecoming, but that doesn't mean they aren't looking to improve in both areas.

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THR spoke to Ant-Man and The Wasp editor Dan Lebental about his latest MCU work, but also asked him about his future projects. One of them will be Far From Home, where he'll return to his role as editor after Homecoming. He was asked if there was anything he could tease about the sequel and he said they're going bigger and that it will be funnier.

I can't say much about the new Spider Man, but I will offer up that it will be both grander in scale and even funnier than the last one. The rest of the story will have to wait.

The grander scale, as Lebental puts it, should be easier to accomplish with the story they are looking to tell. While most of Far From Home's story remains a secret, Feige has said it will be a summer vacation-style film. If Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is traveling across Europe for the summer - after being brought back to life in Avengers 4 - then there's no limit to how big they can go. There's already been indications that Far From Home will film in multiple European countries too.

Marvel makes some of the biggest blockbusters around, so they shouldn't have too much trouble topping the rather street-level, New York adventure Spidey embarked on last time. Making the film even funnier could be the more difficult task to pull off. Peter is naturally very comedic and witty and Holland has perfectly shown that ability so far. Holland wasn't the only comedic performer in Homecoming either. Jacob Batalon's Ned was particularly rich with comedy, as were the teachers played by Martin Starr and Hannibal Buress. If they can manage to make the follow-up funnier and bigger while maintaining the overall quality, then Spider-Man: Far From Home could be an incredibly pleasing sequel.

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Source: THR

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