Tom Holland Returns As Peter Parker In Far From Home Set Photos

The first look of Tom Holland back on set for Spider-Man: Far From Home has emerged online. Despite the continued insistence from Marvel Studios that Avengers: Infinity War will stick, fans know that one way or another, the currently dusted off heroes from Thanos' galactic genocide will be brought back to life in Avengers 4. This includes Tom Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man who was snuffed out of existence in the arms of his mentor, Tony Stark, outside of Earth in Thanos' home planet, Titan.

Filming for Far From Home has commenced even with Avengers 4 still 11 months to go before hitting theaters. And with the movie bringing Peter Parker to several countries outside of the U.S., leaked set photos are expected to pop up occasionally for the Jon Watts-directed sequel. Today, someone spotted the cast and crew of the film, including Holland, at Bishop's Stortford, England, ready to start filming some scenes revealing people's first look at the Queens-native after his emotional "death" in Infinity War.

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Fiction editor Sophie Playle took it to Twitter on Monday to share some snaps of Holland when she randomly stumbled on the filming spot of Far From Home. Seen in one image is Holland casually chatting with some people while carrying a coffee cup. Meanwhile, other photos reveal a filming advisory, as well as the exterior of the specific shooting spot. Check out the photos below.

As per the source, Holland is shooting inside an abandoned building which is quite interesting considering the options of what the scenes set in a deserted building might be. If it's an interior shot, Marvel could've easily used a sound stage to recreate a set, especially considering how secretive they are with these projects. Them opting to shoot on location might mean that the place has a significant impact on the movie's plot. Narrative specifics of the movie are still kept tightly under wraps which is why it's hard to make assumptions, but Kevin Feige has shared that Parker would be on vacation, which is why fans would find him across the pond on the sequel.

It's important to note, however, that Holland's photo wasn't taken while the cameras were rolling so it's still possible that whatever he's filing on location will involve Spider-Man and not his high school alter-ego. Having said that, it's important to note that there's barely any notable difference in his appearance from the last time people saw him in Infinity War, which makes Avengers 4 time setting more intriguing.

As Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to shoot across Europe in the next several months, chances are high that more set photos will emerge online giving fans clues regarding what to expect from the movie. But with Avengers 4 still ahead of it in terms of release date, it'll be interesting if any future leaked images will also inadvertently provide some details regarding the MCU's ultimate culminating movie.

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Source: Sophia Playle

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