MCU Fans Petition for Tobey Maguire Cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Fans have launched an online petition calling for Tobey Maguire to have a cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The upcoming sequel will be the MCU's first entry in its still-mysterious Phase 4 and will be directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming  helmsman Jon Watts. But even before Tom Holland started swinging as the iconic Marvel hero, it was Maguire who first brought the character to life on the big screen in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.

Set after the events of Avengers 4, plot details regarding Far From Home are still being tightly kept under wraps although leaked set photos imply that Parker will work closely with Nick Fury in the film. Peter will be traveling around Europe with his high school friends for a vacation, but is expected to be bogged down with old and new threats like VultureHydro-Man, Chameleon,  Molten Man, and the movie's apparent primary antagonist, Mysterio, supposedly played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Authored by user Owen Lee, the petition, which can be found at, pitches the interesting idea of giving Maguire a brief cameo in Far From Home. The campaign, however, also wants a very specific role for the actor as it suggests that he becomes a pizza delivery guy - a reference to his version of Peter Parker being one in Spider-Man 2. Read the full pitch below:

"Think about how cool it would be to get the OG movie Spider-Man to make a cameo in the MCU as a pizza delivery guy. It could also open possibilities to the Spider-Verse in the MCU."

Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Another fan who chimed in on the conversation added that making Andrew Garfield the one who ordered the pizza would make it all the more humorous. Obviously, it will be a bit complicated to have them all be Spider-Man as what the original pitch is suggesting, but just the thought of them all coming together will be a homage to all previous big screen iterations of the hero before Holland nabbed the gig. The idea has become so popular that it already has more than 35,000 signature at the time of writing, 15,000 more and it will reach its goal of 50,000 supporters after just three days since its inception.

The idea is fun and evidently, people are behind it, but making it happen will more likely not going to be a walk in the park. First of all, convincing Maguire to come and do a small bit won't be an easy feat, although when one thinks of it, the MCU has had big cameos, more recently Matt Damon and Sam Neill in Thor: Ragnarok. Additionally, even if the actor agrees to do it, the logistics and scheduling could always be the hindering factor in terms of the proposed cameo.

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Source: Owen Lee

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