Spider-Man Producer Says Far From Home ISN’T Building Towards Sinister Six

Spider-Man Far From Home and Sinister Six

Contrary to popular theory, Spider-Man: Far From Home producer Eric Carroll say the sequel doesn't build towards the Sinister Six. Fans have been speculating about the Spider-villain team appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while, going back to Peter Parker's MCU debut in 2016. Spider-Man: Homecoming only fueled the fire by introducing Vulture to the MCU and ending with a tease of Michael Mando becoming Scorpion in a future Spider-film. The former even featured a small appearance by Donald Glover as Aaron Davis that, in theory, could lead to the character becoming Prowler at some point in Phase 4 or beyond.

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Homecoming's followup, Far From Home, will take things a step further by bringing Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio into the mix. The latter (along with Vulture) is one of the more famous members of the Sinister Six in its traditional comic book form, and is expected to become (or be revealed as) a full-blown villain at some point in the Spider-Man sequel. Nevertheless, Carroll says the movie isn't focused on setting the stage for Peter's enemies to join forces and battle him in an upcoming adventure.

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Here's what Carroll had to offer on the topic, when we asked him if Far From Home paves the way for Sinister Six during our visit to the film's set:

I don't know some of these plans for what's going forward. I do know that, obviously, getting someone like Jake to do a role like Beck is something we definitely think sets some really fun things up. But as to specifics, right now, I think everyone thinks we're dodging these questions -- and I especially don't want to speak to Sony's plans -- but we kind of take these movies one at a time. If we have that right idea, I think that's something audiences would love for sure. I do think it's something people have been wanting for a long time. So, I can't imagine it's not somebody's dream project? But it's not something we're specifically building to at the moment.

Some fans may recall Sony did, in fact, plan to make a Sinister Six movie some five years back, as part of its since-abandoned Amazing Spider-Man franchise. The film was slated to be written and directed by Bad Times at the El Royale's Drew Goddard, who even stepped away from Marvel's Daredevil Netflix series to focus his attention on the spinoff. While the movie has yet to come to fruition, longtime Sony executive Amy Pascal claimed the Sinister Six project is still being developed last December, and said she remains hopeful Goddard will direct it. Presumably, were that to happen, his earlier script would be reconfigured as part of the Spider-Man villain and/or antihero universe that Venom kicked off last year.

However, seeing as Pascal only just ended her three-decade run with Sony last week, it's difficult to say where that leaves their plans for a Sinister Six film. Marvel Studios, as Carroll indicated, isn't necessarily invested in pitting Peter Parker aginst a pack of super-villains right now, but that could easily change as Phase 4 of the MCU gets underway. At the same time, though, the project is arguably a better match for Sony's Marvel universe than the MCU anyway. Not only would the Sinister Six would get to be the focus of their own movie in the former, it would further spare a film like Spider-Man: Far From Home from having to try and cram a half-dozen baddies into what's (in theory) a new story about the web-slinger.

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