Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Photos Reunite Tom Holland & Zendaya

Tom Holland and Zendaya star in the latest batch of Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos. When Marvel Studios and Sony decided to reboot Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they did so by making some changes. First, they casted an age appropriate actor to play a teenage Peter Parker, which got Holland his superhero role. Secondly, they wanted to update the portrayals of several characters to better reflect the current look of Queens. Their other point of emphasis was using characters that hadn't been done before, such as Vulture, Shocker, Tinkerer, Ned Leeds, and so on. But, they also surprised by including a Mary Jane twist.

The end of Spider-Man: Homecoming had Zendaya's character Michelle say, "My friends call me MJ," establishing her as Peter's major love-interest moving forward as a nod to Mary Jane Watson from the comics. A romance between the two characters has barely been set up, as Zendaya didn't have too large of a role in Homecoming. She's back for Far From Home and new set photos show her and Holland sharing some scenes.

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Daily Mail shared the latest set photos from Spider-Man: Far From Home that feature just Tom Holland and Zendaya. The two were spotted in Prague filming late night scenes together. The scene appears to be low-stakes and just a conversation between Peter and MJ. One photo does show both actors signaling peace signs up into the sky with a bright light shining on them. There was also a scene being shot of an explosion on the nearby river.


Zendaya has long been confirmed to be part of the cast of Far From Home but this is the best look at her on the set. These photos also are the first sign of Peter and MJ getting to spend some quality time alone, so this could be one of the scenes that sets up a romantic relationship between the two. Since the film is going all across Europe, Far From Home could be a global adventure where Peter and MJ really get to know each other.

As for the rest of the images, it is difficult to say what is going on. The peace signs image is odd because it isn't directed towards the paparazzi and rather appears to be part of the scene. Is this just Peter and MJ giving a sign to their friends who are up in a building that they'll be in soon or a signal to someone for saving them? Unless Peter tells MJ that he's Spider-Man during Far From Home, she wouldn't be around for any encounters with Fury or other MCU characters. Some action is happening close by with the explosion scene, so maybe someone else actually saves the youngsters in a time of need that allows Peter to keep his secret identity. Unless more photos or videos come, the uncertainty that comes with these images likely won't clear up. But, since Spider-Man: Far From Home still has weeks of filming left, this may not be the last chance fans have to see what is going on.

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Source: Daily Mail

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