Far From Home Stealth Suit Looks a Lot Like Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man's stealth suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home looks a lot like the Spider-Man Noir design. Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man has changed up his look several times in his brief stint in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was introduced with his homemade suit before being upgraded to Stark's design in Captain America: Civil War. When it came time for Avengers: Infinity War, Peter Parker got to suit up in the Iron Spider costume then. How he'll look in Avengers 4 remains to be seen, but he's going back to the Homecoming suit in his sequel.

The Stark suit appears to be his main suit in Far From Home, but that doesn't mean it will be his only one. Set videos appeared to show Holland in a motion-capture suit, which would signal a CGI heavy suit being used. However, the latest images from the set appeared to reveal Peter's brand new stealth suit he's using for night (and possibly spy) missions.

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Reddit has provided us with another look at the stealth suit from Far From Home and the better image shows just how similar it appears to be to Spider-Man Noir's design. The all-black design is just part of the reason why these comparisons are being made, but it is the white goggles that truly sell the Noir vibes. There's no evidence to Spider-Man Noir's trench coat or his pistols, so this new stealth suit could simply be an homage to the Noir design.

Spider-Man Noir is a more recent creation of Marvel comics, as he first appeared in 2009 with Spider-Man Noir #1. This was a four-part miniseries that introduced a version of Peter Parker's story set in 1933. He was created by David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky, and Carmine Di Giandomenico, and the trio took Peter to the Great Depression to give his story a new spin. The major players in the miniseries were Norman Osborn and his henchmen, as well as Black Cat, J. Jonah Jameson, and some other Spidey regulars.

If this suit is inspired by Spider-Man Noir, it is difficult to say if this will result in any story similarities. Obviously, Far From Home doesn't take place in 1933 as it instead picks up right after Avengers 4. There's been no signs that Norman is involved in Marvel or Sony's plans to this point, while Black Cat is getting her own movie. The only links could be through Osborn's henchmen, which included Vulture and Chameleon. Michael Keaton is confirmed to reprise his role as Vulture, while Numan Acar is widely believed to be playing Chameleon. Hopefully some more high-quality images of Spidey's new suit will be made available so fans can see if there are any further elements lifted from Spider-Man Noir's design in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Source: Reddit

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