Mysterio Costume Photo Reveals Closer Look & Comics Accurate Colors

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man

A Spider-Man: Far From Home set photo provides a closer look at Mysterio's suit with comic-accurate colors. Believed to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal, the classic Spider-Man villain will make his live-action debut in the Jon Watts-directed sequel set after the events of Avengers 4. Not much is known regarding the film's plot details considering that much of it hinges on next year's Phase 3 capper, but the movie will follow Tom Holland's Peter Parker going on summer vacation in Europe. Sadly, it doesn't seem like it doesn't look like he'll have any downtime with the film supposedly featuring a slew of villains aside from Mysterio like Vulture (who's returning after his stint in Spider-Man: Homecoming), Hydro-Man, Chameleon and even Molten Man.

Last week, a Far From Home set video taken in Prague seemed to reveal the first look at Mysterio. Since the clip was taken from afar, the quality was low and grainy, but many believed it was the movie's main antagonist. There was resemblance to Mysterio's print look, not to mention a specific subplot in comics featuring Spider-Man going up against the bad guy in a similar setting. Now, however, a better image of the said villain emerges giving fans a closer look at his suit.

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Twitter user Veronika Knapová shared several images from the Far From Home set in the Czech Republic, including a better photo of Mysterio. One of the main takeaways from the image is the violet/burgundy cape of the character and the detailed green armor similar to the color palette of his suit in the pages of the comic books. Check out the image below:

Considering the angle of the image, it's still hard to say whether or not Gyllenhaal is the one wearing the suit in the Prague set of Far From Home. While the actor is expected to play the film's main antagonist, there's been no official word about his casting from Marvel Studios or the actor's camp. Other than the said exterior filming, Gyllenhaal hasn't been spotted anywhere near the set of the upcoming Marvel and Sony movie, which is going around Europe for location shoots before returning to North America.

Regardless, many are thrilled about the look of Mysterio's costume. It's admittedly difficult to gauge what it looks like in its full glory, but based on the set image, it seems to capture the vibe of the villain's detailed costume from the comic books. Marvel Studios, for the most part, remains faithful to the look of their characters from print, and while the character is noticeably missing his iconic fishbowl headpiece, chances are that people will eventually see him don it at one point in the movie. Knowing that there are many bystanders waiting to get a photo of anyone involved in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel Studios may have consciously opted not to let him wear the gear while filming outside of a sound stage.

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Source: Veronika Knapová

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