Spider-Man: Far From Home Final Battle Scene Description

When visiting the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Screen Rant got to observe the filming of multiple key action sequences from the next MCU film. One of them involved Tom Holland going up against Hydro-Man, which you can read up elsewhere on the site.

The other was in the third act and, while in isolation, wound up rather revealing. Far From Home follows Peter Parker traveling through Europe, at first on a school vacation but swiftly as part of Nick Fury's mission to take down the mysterious Elementals that are striking all over the continent (and beyond). There's a water Elemental in Venice and fire Elemental in Prague (as well as an earth Elemental in Mexico at the start of the film), but what's the fourth? Whoever it is, that final battle takes place in London.

Spider-Man: Far From Home shot on location Tower Bridge for exterior shots, but a bunch of the action was shot on the Leavesden set. It was this sequence that Screen Rant saw being rehearsed. Michelle (Zendeya), Betty Brant (Angourie Rice), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) and Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) are holed up in the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels (no sign of Remy Hii's Brad) as an unknown force tries to break in. This comes after the coda to the latest trailer where Happy swoops in on the Stark jet to save the kids (who he's found thanks to Flash's pathetic Instagram videos) and struggles to explain Spider-Man's not his boss.

That trailer shot is a pretty apt lead-in to what was being filmed on set. As all five begin to doubt they'll ever make it out alive, they begin to proclaim their deepest life regrets: Ned thinks he's wasted his life; Betty has a fake ID; Flash's daily vlogs are just him posing as an influencer; and Happy has feelings for one May Parker (which has been a long-standing fan theory). A lot of this - especially from Jon Favreau and Tony Revolori - was improvised, which made for some funny variants but also means it's unclear what will be in the film - and what's considered MCU canon (there were throwaway references to Vibranium and Tony Stark).

The big question left by all this was what exactly Happy was protecting (or trying to protect) the kids from. One version of the scene had Favreau say "drones are outside." When explaining the technologies that Nick Fury provides for Spider-Man, executive producer Eric Carroll said that, in addition to the Stealth Suit, there were "weaponized drones." Peter uses these earlier in the film, almost accidentally killing his classmates, and there appeared to be prop versions of them littered around set. So it's Fury's forces... or someone with access to his tech. Possibly a fishbowled mercenary with a villainous comic history? Stick with Screen Rant for more coverage from our set visit and speculation about Mysterio's role.

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