Spider-Man: Far From Home Deleted Mysterio Vision Is An Arachnophobe’s Nightmare

Spider-Man: Far From Home visual artist Henrik Tamm has revealed a deleted Mysterio vision that would've seen Peter attacked by gigantic spiders. While Far From Home - a film that doubled as a conclusion to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming - was full of noteworthy moments, arguably none were more memorable than Mysterio's illusion. Indeed, some people now rank the super-villain's surreal, holographic-powered vision as the best sequence ever featured in a live-action Spider-Man movie to date.

Backing up - Far From Home follows Peter Parker as he tries to get back into the flow of things by going on a trip to Europe with his schoolmates. Along the way, he's recruited by Nick Fury and Maria Hill to help them battle a group of mysterious elemental creatures with the aid of Mysterio, a superhero who says he's from another dimension. In reality, though, Mysterio is a spiteful ex-Stark Industries employee who (put simply) uses sophisticated holograms to serve his own nefarious purposes. (Also, Fury and Maria are really the Skrulls Talos and Soren, but that's another story...)

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Upon discovering the truth, Peter sets out to confront Mysterio, only for the latter to ensnare him in a series of visions and illusions. And although Peter ends up seeing a whole lot of bizarre things along the way (including, in a horrifying moment, a zombie Iron Man), he does not encounter a pack of giant spiders... in the movie. The Far From Home concept art, however, is another matter, as these newly-unveiled images posted to Tamm's Instagram account reveal:

The Mysterio vision in Far From Home manages to pack a whole lot of cool imagery into a very short amount of time, so it's not surprising to learn that there were some promising ideas conceived during pre-production that didn't make it into the final cut. Tamm refers to this artwork as being "exploratory" and "early" in his Instagram posts, which suggests the concept of having Peter battle enormous spiders as part of Mysterio's illusion was probably one of several intriguing scenarios that were considered, but ultimately abandoned. Instead, Far From Home's version of the sequence focused specifically on imagery that's appeared in the MCU at some point (like Avengers Tower), or even during Far From Home itself. And since there's never been an MCU film where Peter took on a bunch of giant spiders (even in a dream)... well, that may explain why this illusion got dropped.

There's certainly nothing to prevent a dream sequence or vision inspired by this artwork (with Peter getting caught in a literal web) from appearing in a future Spider-Man movie, either. Like everything else Spider-Man related right now, of course, that's up in the air in the aftermath of Sony parting ways with Marvel Studios and taking the web-head with them. Still, who knows: perhaps the Far From Home sequel or even one of Sony's Spider-Man villain universe films will find an excuse to show the web-slinger being attacked by ginormous arachnids in the future.

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Source: Henrik Tamm

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