This Spider-Man Cosplay With Real-Life Animated Eyes Is Incredible

The amazing work being done by independent cosplay fanatics is a constant joy to behold on the internet, and LensesFactoryHK’s newest creation in its catalog of Spider-Man gear is no exception. Their Twitter account is wowing onlookers with an incredible recreation of the wall-crawler’s mask, complete with mechanical eyes that squint and shutter independently of each other, all without the use of hands.

LensesFactoryHK is a Hong Kong-based prop-making group with a particular design focus on Marvel’s beloved character, most recently seen in movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and first re-introduced in Captain America: Civil War. The group revealed a more primitive version of this face shell arrangement with a fully functioning mechanical lenses last year, which was demonstrated on Facebook in full Spider-Man cosplay. The overall effect was somewhat eerie yet still remarkable, but also seemed open to improvement.

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Now, with this newest face shell, LensesFactoryHK has nailed the effect (below), creating a smooth movement similar to what is shown on screen in movies the Avengers: Infinity War. The hands-free control component mentioned in the reveal tweet are the result of a jaw-positioned switch located underneath the mask, which lets Spider-Man cosplayers get as close to verisimilitude with their outfits as possible with current consumer technology. Additionally, cosplayers can effectively wink with the mask or even narrow their eyes in anger at a suitable target. Take a look:

LensesFactoryHK has a newsletter which showcases other Spider-Man props in their collection, and their constantly refined techniques have delivered new upgrades to their work, like a modified texture for the fabric of Spider-Man’s suit (which took a year to get right), and even moving robot pincer arms like those featured in Avengers: Infinity War. Check it out:

With Avengers: Infinity War nearing $2 billion at the worldwide box office take, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is in the public eye now more than ever, and so is his mysterious fate. This means there will probably be even more eager Spider-Man cosplayers at industry conventions and expos, some of which may inspire awe from fans if they happen to be sporting an impressive, fully-working set of headgear. The wink-function alone makes these face shells especially exciting, but people shouldn't expect it to be easy to come by.

Now that the prop maker has nailed down the animated eyes function, it stands to reason that he could apply their prototype to a Deadpool mask - another popular Marvel character to cosplay as who's also known for having animated eyes.

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Source: LensesFactoryHK/Twitter

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