When it comes to offering a wide and wildly inventive array of superheroes, many would argue that Marvel just about shades ahead of DC. On the flip side, when it comes to the discussion on which has the better selection of iconic villains, DC probably comes out on top, with Batman’s rogues gallery leading the way in that respect. In fact, the only Marvel comic book icon that really comes close to matching the Caped Crusader for offering the coolest and most recognizable a collection of iconic villains is Spider-Man.

By and large, Batman villains have translated well to the big screen, save for the travesty that was Batman & Robin (the nightmares involving those endless Mr. Freeze puns just won’t go away). That’s not quite been the case for Spidey, who, like Batman, has undergone any number of reboots and sequels over the years, bringing several notable villains to the multiplex, but often with mixed results.

So, which soared and which sank? Here are Spider-Man’s Best Cinematic Movie Villains Ranked from Worst to Best, including all the latest names from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

16. Dr. Curt Connors – Spider-Man 2 & 3

curt connors dylan baker Spider Mans 16 Best Movie Villains, Ranked

Spider-Man fans may rant and rave about seeing some of their most beloved comic book villains disappoint on the big screen, but what about the villain that never really got to be a villain?

Dylan Baker came on board to play Dr. Curt Connors, the one-armed professor who transforms into the Lizard, from Spider-Man 2 onwards, and he did a solid enough job with a limited role that essentially required him to look academic and spout science-based mumbo jumbo.

Yet even his mere presence was a hint at something big on the horizon. Dr. Connors is a pretty iconic Spider-Man villain with a well-established and important handicap. There was a feeling that, sooner or later, Baker would be expected to jump into the role of a lifetime as Lizard. That role could have come with the aborted Spider-Man 4. Sam Raimi was reportedly keen to finally turn Dr. Connors into the lizard for the fourth film, potentially alongside the Vulture, but ultimately exited the project, taking Baker’s dream with him.

For that reason, he has to rank as Spider-Man’s weakest cinematic villain – he’s the villain that never was!

15. Scorpion/Mac Gargan – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Michael Mando in Better Call Saul Spider Mans 16 Best Movie Villains, Ranked

Michael Mando’s role in Spider-Man: Homecoming amounts to little more than two meetings with The Vulture – one on a Staten Island ferry and another in the post-credits prison encounter – but there could be big things to come from the character. Listed as Mac Gargan in the credits, all the signs point to the nefarious foe playing a pivotal role in the sequel to Homecoming, with the character sharing the name given to another of Spidey’s most memorable villains, The Scorpion.

In one single chat with Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, during that prison encounter, Gargan may have set in motion the events that will result in fans finally seeing some incarnation of the Sinister Six – a collective of villains that team up to take on Spider-Man. And in casting Better Call Saul’s Mando, Marvel and Sony have chosen wisely, with anyone who regularly tunes into the understated Netflix show happy to attest to the actor’s abilities. Deliver on that potential and his place on this list may need revising.