Spider-Man is Also in The Avengers 4

Kevin Feige confirms that Tom Holland's Spider-Man will be back for Avengers 4 in 2019 before his standalone sequel later in the year.

Spider-Man and Cosmic Marvel

Spider-Man is going to be appearing in The Avengers 4 in 2019. The announcement that Peter Parker was coming over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was obviously exciting because it meant super-producer Kevin Feige would be able to finally help get the character right in his standalone movies. But while Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of 2017's most hyped releases, the real treat of the Sony and Marvel's deal to share Spider-Man was the promise of his teaming up with the Avengers.

The MCU version of the character, played by Tom Holland, debuted in Avengers-movie-by-another-name Captain America: Civil War and, after Homecoming, will back alongside the gang in Avengers: Infinity War. Next, a standalone sequel is set for 2019, and now it seems like it won't be his only appearance in cinemas that year.

Speaking with THR, Kevin Feige confirmed that Spider-Man will be in The Avengers 4. Elaborating on the character's future after that event, he said it was currently unclear:

“That’s as far as it goes for now.”

Avengers Infinity War Logo

Infinity War, the Russo brothers' epic culmination of the entire franchise thus far is shooting back-to-back with Avengers 4, but after their names were changed from Part 1 and Part 2 the distinction between the duology has been unclear. Certain characters have been confirmed to be playing a part in both, though, and now we can add Spider-Man to that number.

This isn't a majorly surprising reveal, but does serve as confirmation of his presence and further suggests a strong connection between the two films. It also sheds a little light on Spidey's future; Homecoming 2 comes out on July 5, 2019, mere months after Avengers 4, meaning the solo outing will likely deal with the fallout of the two-movie event. This will be rather similar to comic Peter Parker's actions post-Secret Wars in the 1980s that introduced the Venom symbiote, an arc that could provide vague inspiration for the sequel.

What's more interesting about Feige's comments is that he's not got concrete plans for Spidey beyond that point. It was rumored recently that Sony were looking to end the Marvel relationship after Homecoming 2, and these comments definitely play into that possibility. Speaking about Marvel's potential involvement with Sony's recently uncovered plans to start their own Spider-Man shared universe with Venom and Black Cat/Silver Sable, Feige was rather cagey but reaffirmed the studio wasn't playing a role:

"We had a very particular plan about Spidey himself."

Spider-Man's got a very bright future in the MCU for the rest of the current decade, with a mixture of classic adventures in New York and cosmic travels with the Avengers. Where he goes after Avengers 4 and Homecoming 2, however, is unclear.

Source: THR

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