Marvel's Spider-Man Animated Series Video & Poster Arrive

The first look at the all-new Marvel's Spider-Man animated series has arrived, pitting Peter against a souped-up Scorpion. Last year, word broke that Marvel would be ending Ultimate Spider-Man after four seasons and kicking off a brand new series simply titled Marvel's Spider-Man. The move came as a shock to fans, but it's not exactly a new one. Marvel have often folded one Spidey series just to create another in its place. The latest change-up, however, was a bit more unusual as the existing series was already on a Disney-owned channel.

The move, though, seemed to mirror the one in the MCU, focusing more on a grounded Spidey rather than the more fantastical take on the character from Ultimate Spider-Man. Following the news, some merchandise for the series leaked teasing the appearance of Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Venom. Like the more recent seasons of Ultimate Spider-Man, the merch pointed towards a more Spider-centric series. Since then, the only other news we've received regarding the show was some purported concept art showing Spidey fleeing from five members of the Sinister Six. Now, we finally know how the show will look in action.

TV Guide has unvieled a clip from the premiere episode of Marvel's Spider-Man, with confirmation that it will air later this summer. In the video, we see Spidey in a homemade costume quite similar to the one he'll wear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. During the scene, he has to take on classic villain the Scorpion, though the rogue sports an updated design. Along with the clip, a new poster was revealed, teasing the new animation style that will be employed.

Right off the bat, the animation from the clip and poster point towards a younger potential demographic than previous iterations of Spider-Man on TV. The design of Scorpion is also quite different than expected, with the villain wearing a bulky suit of armor with lots of embellishments. When the concept art emerged recently, it teased a more classic take on most of the villains. Either Scorpion was left out of that move, or the art won't reflect the final product we see on TV.

It's also unusual that a clip from the show was released before a trailer, so expect that to be right around the corner. Yesterday, we learned Marvel would be bringing some of their animated offerings to D23 in July, so we could learn more about the show then. There's a good chance it will premiere within a few weeks of Homecoming, in order to capitalize on the film's success.

In the meantime, fans are still waiting to learn more about Sony's animated Spider-Man movie that will hit theaters later this year. Though we'll have to wait for the show and both movies to see how enjoyable they are, 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting time for fans of Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man will air sometime later this summer.

Source: TV Guide

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