Spider-Island And Superior Spider-Man May Get Animated In New Series

Doctor Octopus as Superior Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is in the works as the newest Spidey animated series for Marvel Animation and Disney XD, but little is known about the nature of the project or its planned storylines at this point. The Ultimate Spider-Man replacement, tentatively scheduled for July, is expected to focus on the early days of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It will include Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy joining Parker in his adventures, but those details are most of what’s definitively known.

It’s quite possible, however, that the series will focus on popular recent comic book storylines from The Amazing Spider-Man and other comic series. One of the most far-reaching narratives was that of Spider-Island, which Marvel Animation Vice President Steve Wacker revealed as a future storyline for upcoming Spider-Man animated series.

In a new interview with CBR speaking mainly about the third season of Avengers Unleashed, Avengers: Ultron Revolution, Wacker also spoke about Marvel Animation’s future plans for upcoming Spider-Man animated series. He named Spider-Island as a storyline that he is expecting to cover in the future. Spider-Island, a 2011 storyline featured in The Amazing Spider-Man and several other Marvel comics, concerns the citizens of Manhattan suddenly gaining similar powers to Spider-Man and dealing with their side effects.

“Another story we have coming up on the Spidey side … we’ll get to Spider Island at some point. That was a big Spider-Man story in publishing.”

Superior Spider-Man attacks Alistair Smythe

Wacker also mentioned Superior Spider-Man as a possibility for a future storyline in the animated series. Originally appearing in Marvel comics from 2013-14, Superior Spider-Man follows Dr. Octopus as he possesses the body of Peter Parker and “becomes” Spider-Man, hoping to be the most powerful version of the hero yet.

“The big one for me would be Superior Spider-Man. … That was the last big story I worked on in the comics side with Dan Slott. I’m not quite sure how we get there, but I’d love to see it.”

It’s quite possible that either Superior Spider-Man or Spider-Island could be shorter storylines that are woven into the larger narrative of Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2017. They could follow a similar trajectory to the Spider-Verse comic storyline, which was explored in the third and fourth seasons of Ultimate Spider-Man.

The expected narratives of Marvel’s Spider-Man remain largely in the dark, so it’s unclear if Spider-Island or Superior Spider-Man will be a part of that series, at least in its first season. Fans expecting them in the initial run could be disappointed if the show decides to go in a different direction. But based on Wacker’s comments, there is a distinct possibility that Marvel’s Spider-Man makes those two popular storylines part of its overarching narrative.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is expected to premiere in July of 2017.

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Source: CBR

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