Spider-Man 4 With Sam Raimi Involved?

Apparently Sam Raimi may be involved with the production on Spider-Man 4. Wow, that might be one of the worst ideas I have heard this year. Don't get me wrong, up until Spider-Man 3, Raimi was one of my favorite directors. I love the majority of his movies. Darkman was fun, both Evil Dead films, Army of Darkness, A Simple Plan, the first two Spider-Man movies; he really has done some wonderful films. On top of his movies, he introduced the world to Bruce Campbell. I think his place in the annals of film history is secure for that fact alone.

Spider-Man 3 was a disaster though.

It was chock full of bad dance numbers (a must in super-hero movies, stay tuned for Heroes: The Musical), too many bad guys, and no clear idea as to what it meant to accomplish.

Being a comic book fan, I would think that a movie done by a former horror film director featuring Venom as a character would be both scary and a no-brainer. Instead, we received multiple half-hearted storylines that failed to deliver any emotional punch due to lack of screen time. The Sandman angle could have been good (I think it started well), but was left unfinished and with almost no resolution. The Venom storyline could have been scary and intense, but was never handled properly due to a bias from Raimi. Gwen Stacy had no business in the film and the Green Goblin story arc should have been dealt with in a later movie so as to give as all a break from the Norman/Harry Osborn/Green Goblin villain.

Now Raimi has hinted that he may be involved in writing and will see if the script is something he would like to direct. Come on Sony, use your heads. The response to Spider-Man 3 was poor at best. Bring in some new blood; give the franchise some new life. Maybe Sam will end up directing and it will be good, but other franchises have benefited from a new vision and a different direction (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was easily better then the first two movies). I think Sam would also do well with a change of scenery. Let him take his rumored stab at The Hobbit (only if Peter jackson is not interested) In my humble opinion, it is time for for someone else to direct everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Source: Empire Online

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