Spider-Man 4 Casting Rumors

[UPDATE: Sony has informed Coming Soon that Tobey Maguire is not being replaced for Spider-Man 4. - Jamie]

Now according to our buddies at Latino Review, a number of young, lesser-known actors are being considered to replace the departing Tobey Maguire to play Spiderman and his dorky alter-ego Peter Parker.

Although they were quick to say that "no offers have been made", the top choices are Patrick Fugit (i.e. best known for Cameron Crowe's masterpiece Almost Famous) and Michael Angarano (i.e. the lead in the suprisingly good Sky High from a few years back!)

However, if this nerd had a say in the casting, my vote would go to Bret Harrison - the lead of the insanely underrated television-series Reaper.

Not only can he act (which obviously matters) and physically play the part, but this guy has the perfect sense of humor to give Webhead his wise-cracks back on the silver screen.

For more details and pics of the possible actors head over to Latino Review at the link below.

Source: Latino Review

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