Who Should Play Black Cat in Spider-Man 4?


Enough already! This entire week seems like it's been devoted to rumors about who will and will not be playing the role of Black Cat, the recently announced villain (and temptress?) of Spider-Man 4.

When news leaked that it would be Spidey vs. Black Cat in the next film, the first actress named for role was Rachel McAdams - then that rumor was debunked. After that came word that Julia Stiles is up for the role. Now we're hearing Anne Hathaway's name being tossed in the mix, while many internet fanboys are insisting that Eliza Dushku or Elisha Cuthbert be given the role because "they're hot."

Look... at this point we could keep on "reporting" each and every one of these Black Cat casting rumors as they pop-up and get knocked down again, but why? We all know the final decision is coming soon. But before we learn who will be playing Black Cat, let's take a moment for ourselves and have a little fun discussing who should play Black Cat. 

Lets begin with some background info on the character:

In the Spider-Man comics Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, a villain / love interest of Spidey's who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man in July of 1979 (almost 40 years after Catwoman first appeared in Batman comics, in case you're wondering).

After decades of add-ons and reworkings, Black Cat's current origin story is that she was the daughter of a world-famous cat-burglar, a daddy's girl who inherited papa's talent for larceny and his  ambition to be the best. After some tragic incidents in her young adult life involving domineering men, Felicia becomes a fierce, independent-minded woman who trains herself to peak athleticism and skill as a thief. When her father ends up in jail, Felicia dons the Black Cat costume and attempts a jail break - where she runs into Spider-Man.

In the comics, Black Cat had the power of "bad luck," often jinxing her opponents (and sometimes her friends, too). This "power" started out as a farce - elaborate tricks and traps meant to throw an enemy off-balance - but when Cat ended up in the clutches of the Kingpin, he used enhancement technology (same he used to create The Scorpion) to give Black Cat a "bad luck aura." Since then, Cat and Spider have gone from hot and heavy to cold, ultimately becoming friends with an extra spark of attraction running between them.

Black Cat (if you can't tell from the pics above) is sexy, flirty, wild, smart, crafty, and pretty kick ass. The character could've come and gone as a "knock-off Catwoman," yet has remained a revered part of the Spider-Man universe for decades - which should speak to how much she's distinguished herself as a character. Whenever the comics got too heavy with the whole Peter / MJ soap opera, Black Cat was there to break up the monotony. For readers like me, it was like having a wonderful affair without any long term consequence (and who doesn't love that?).

Best part of all, Black Cat was an exciting rival of Spider-Man, not just another hurdle in the (often-annoying) romantic life of Peter Parker.

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