MCU's Spider-Man 3 May Include Venom (But NOT Deadpool)

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Sony and Marvel Studios' Spider-Man 3 may include Venom (Tom Hardy) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, but NOT Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool, according to a new rumor. In 2015, Sony and Marvel Studios officially struck a deal to share custody of Spider-Man so he could appear in the MCU, but Sony retained the character's film rights. Since Sony owns the Spider-Man movie rights (and the rights of hundreds of related Marvel Comics characters) the studio has developed and released Spidey-related movies like Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

However, in the months after Sony announced their live-action Venom solo movie, it was unclear how it related to the MCU. According to Sony producer Amy Pascal, Venom was adjunct to the MCU, but according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, it was totally separate. Rumors circulated that Sony wanted their Venom universe to connect to the MCU - there were even reports that Tom Holland's Peter Parker had a cameo - but Marvel Studios apparently wanted to wait and see, or didn't want the worlds to connect at all. Now, a new rumor claims Sony is trying to officially connect the universes with the third MCU Spider-Man solo movie.

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On Twitter, Roger Wardell revealed new information about Marvel and Sony's plans for their third Spider-Man movie, indicating Sony is lobbying for Hardy's Venom to appear but Deadpool likely won't show up. Instead, Deadpool will be kept separate from the MCU in the post-Disney/Fox deal era just as he was mostly separate from the main X-Men films before the deal. The Deadpool portion of the tweet may be in response to the recent rumor concerning Marvel mulling introducing Deadpool to the MCU via Spider-Man 3, but Wardell doesn't explicitly say so. See Wardell's tweet below.

It should be noted that Wardell has a good track record insofar as the tweets on this particular account, which date back to December 2018 and include a number of accurate reveals that eventually appeared in Avengers: Endgame. As such, although neither Marvel Studios nor Sony have made their plans clear about Spider-Man 3, Venom's potential appearance and how Deadpool will/won't connect to the MCU, Wardell does seem to have a solid source. It's still too early for the studios to officially comment, and based on this tweet, it doesn't seem that Marvel and Sony have made a decision yet about Venom in Spider-Man 3 either way, but fans shouldn't be surprised if Wardell's scoop turns out to be correct.

It makes more sense for the MCU's Spider-Man 3 to include Venom than Deadpool, considering the Spidey movies are distributed by Sony, who gets all the profit of the solo films as well. But Hardy's inclusion as Venom is no doubt dependant on the story, which falls more under Marvel's purview. As for Deadpool remaining separate from the MCU, that falls in line with what most expected; Disney seemed open to keeping Deadpool R-rated, but that wouldn't work with their PG-13 MCU. So it remains to be seen if Venom does show up in Spider-Man 3, but fans shouldn't expect Deadpool to make an appearance. Holland's MCU future as Peter Parker will no doubt become clearer once Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters and Marvel Studios unveils their Phase 4 plans - whether they include Venom, Deadpool or not.

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Source: Roger Wardell/Twitter

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