16The Web Hammock

Spider-Man Web Hammock

We here at ScreenRant are by no means frigid and uncaring people. If we had the capacity to woo our women with web hammocks, we very well might. In theory. Therein lies the rub with Spider-Man 3, a film that took potentialities and brought them to life. With the web-hammock from

hell, Sam Raimi green-lit one of the most impossibly saccharine love locations in any superhero film. It's a whimsical idea, sure, and it clearly makes dearly beloved Mary Jane quite happy.

By letting Peter Parker make a web-hammock, however, Raimi single-handedly emasculates our superhero beyond the point of return. And let's face it, there wasn't a lot of room left for sappiness with Tobey Maguire's earnest, yet frequently cloying portrayal.

Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3
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