'Spider-Man' Reboot Rumor: Kraven the Hunter Is the Villain

Kraven the Hunter rumored for Spider-Man (2017) reboot

Though he's the third cinematic iteration of the character since 2002, Tom Holland's Spider-Man has been generating a lot of excitement amongst comic book movie fans. That's because this version of the Web Head will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - the result of a groundbreaking deal struck between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

The studios are looking to emulate a John Hughes coming-of-age teen comedy with the 2017 Spider-Man movie reboot (in terms of the tone), and Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has confirmed that they will be featuring a villain we have never seen on the big screen before in the reboot. No surprise, rumors have emerged concerning who will be battling the new Peter Parker on the big screen.

Heroic Hollywood is back at it with another superhero movie scoop, this one claiming that none other than Kraven the Hunter will be the villain in the MCU's first Spider-Man movie (something first raised by The Daily Superhero back in June). The evidence the site has is brief, citing Sony's vice president of creative affairs Karen Moy's recent Amazon purchase of the iconic "Kraven's Last Hunt" paperback. This isn't anything new for Moy, as she previously made book purchases for former Sony head Amy Pascall.

As always, readers should take this rumor with a healthy grain of salt, but it seems like one of the more plausible ones out there. When developing a comic book movie, those involved frequently obtain copies of the source material so they can study the characters and storylines their project may draw from. As the Spider-Man screenwriting process is just getting started, Sony is weighing the possibilities of who the bad guy should be, and Kraven is one they look to be considering.

Kraven the Hunter in the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' cartoon
Kraven the Hunter in the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' cartoon

Fans have long expressed an interest in seeing Kraven portrayed in a Spider-Man film, mostly because of the "Kraven's Last Hunt" comic book plot. For those unaware, the story sees Kraven hunt and seemingly kill Spider-Man, donning the hero's costume afterwards to prove he is superior at fighting New York crime (brutally attacking evildoers like a vigilante). Thematically, the story showed what made Spider-Man the man he is, and how important the personal values of the individual under the mask are.

If the Spider-Man (2017) filmmakers go with Kraven, the movie obviously would not be a direct adaptation of that comic story, as several elements would either not line up with the established MCU timeline (Peter Parker is a married man in the comic) or be perceived as "too dark" for a Marvel movie - one written by comedy screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, no less. Still, there's enough there to pull from and craft a compelling film, and certain aspects could be carried over in the 2017 Spidey solo film.

After all, the movie may explore Spider-Man proving he's worthy of being an Avenger, and that angle plays well with a "Kraven's Last Hunt" type narrative. The validity of this rumor remains to be seen, but such a development could be a refreshing twist on the MCU formula.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood, The Daily Superhero

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