Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Video Reveals Better Look At Noir-Style Suit

A new set video from Spider-Man: Far From Home confirms a Spider-Man Noir inspired costume will be featured. In Spider-Man's short tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he's already had several different suits. His homemade one and the first Tony Stark designed suits are his most frequently used, but Avengers: Infinity War finally let him wear the Iron Spider costume. He won't be keeping it for Far From Home, with the Homecoming suit thought to be his primary suit. More recently though, all of the attention has gone towards a new black suit that keeps appearing on set.

The first image of the black suit appeared to signal Peter using a stealth suit on his overseas adventure. However, a closer look at the suit revealed some Spider-Man Noir inspirations. Both photos were taken from a far distance and were not of the best quality, making it so even the lighting could be responsible for this possible new suit. It was no lighting trick, as a new set video offers an incredible look at the new suit in action.

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One of Tom Holland's fan accounts on Twitter Tom Holland Source shared the Spider-Man: Far From Home set video of interest. It clearly shows Peter in the black suit that appears to be the MCU's take on the Spider-Man Noir costume. The suit itself looks to have the updated animated eyes instead of the goggles, while the fingerless gloves are a staple of the homemade suit. It could be that Peter picks different elements from his various suits to make this latest one.

With this being the third and best look at the new black suit, the official look at the costume should help sort out any questions about the design and inspirations. It may very well be a mixture of the stealth and noir suits at the end of the day, but the lack of a Spidey symbol skews it closer to the noir design. The purpose for the new costume is still unknown, as we've only seen it in use during this one scene set at night. This could make it Peter's spy suit, night suit, or his international one if he doesn't want to link Spider-Man directly to these events.

Not only is Spider-Man wearing the new costume, he's also in combat with it. Once the scene begins, Holland falls to the ground and then gets back up, so he may have fallen from his perched placement on the Ferris wheel in the aforementioned set photos. He then looks up to the sky and shoots webs at something (or someone) before attempting to web it up entirely. However, his duck and bracing motion at the end signals whatever he was aiming at is coming right for him. As filming on Spider-Man: Far From Home continues across Europe, more leaks from the set could be on the way.

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Source: Tom Holland Source

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