Is Spider-Man Fighting Hydro-Man in Far From Home?

A new video suggests that Spider-Man: Far From Home will see the wall-crawler taking on an aquatic threat in Venice. There have been recent rumors that Hydro-Man will appear in the film as an additional villain, and this clip is sure to add fuel to the fire.

Marvel is determined to keep Spider-Man: Far From Home under wraps, revealing details only a little at a time. The movie will see Peter Parker and his school friends go on a summer vacation in Europe, where Spider-Man will team up with Nick Fury and Maria Hill against the twin threats of Vulture and Mysterio.

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But there have been constant rumors that other villains will appear in the film as well. Most fans believe Marvel is setting up the MCU's version of the Sinister Six, and that means some more bad guys are likely to crop up. A common rumor is that one additional villain is Hydro-Man, but so far there's been absolutely no evidence to support this. That may have just changed.

A New Video Teases Spider-Man Attacked By Water

Tom Holland shared a hilarious set video from Spider-Man: Far From Home, showing his stunt double playing a scene set in Venice. In this, Peter Parker is stood staring out at the canals, looking at a blue-screen landscape. He's then knocked off his feet by a massive wave of water. It's unclear whether or not he's under attack, or is instead watching something massive knock up a colossal wave as it submerges.

It's possible that this is the first hint of Hydro-Man's presence in the film. In the comics, Morris Bench was a crewman on the cargo ship U.S.S. Bulldog who was accidentally knocked overseas by Spider-Man (the wall-crawler was battling Namor at the time). Bench was exposed to a powerful experimental generator while in the sea, and his body was transformed into a form of living water. Blaming Spider-Man for his fate, Hydro-Man sought vengeance. He's been a constant thorn in the web slinger's hide ever since, even working as a member of the Green Goblin's Sinister Twelve on one occasion. Given the MCU likes to use Spider-Man villains who haven't turned up on the big screen before, it's quite possible Marvel will indeed choose to introduce him in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

However, we can't necessarily firmly conclude this is the case just yet. Mysterio is reportedly one of the villains of Spider-Man: Far From Home, a master of illusion who delights in taking advantage of his environment to create dangerous threats. There have been two occasions where Mysterio used robots and special effects to simulate entire alien invasions, for example, including one recent attempt in which he came close to defeating the assembled Avengers. In a location like Venice, Mysterio would almost certainly take advantage of the canals, perhaps devising water-based hazards or fake "sea monsters."

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It's also worth remembering that this video was deliberately released. As such, we should be very wary of misdirection on Marvel's part; they know there are rumors of Hydro-Man, and could easily have released this in order to mislead viewers. While it's possible Hydro-Man is indeed in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it's best not to believe that's the case until we have official confirmation.

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