Spider-Man Theory: How Peter Gets The Black Suit In Far From Home

Tom Holland's Peter Parker wears a new black suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos. Has S.H.I.E.L.D. given Spidey some new threads?

Spider-Man Black Suit in Far From Home with Nick Fury in Prague

Peter Parker gets a new suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it may be thanks to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Tom Holland's version of the MCU's wall-crawler has already had several different looks. In just three films, he's worn three different suits and (at least) a fourth one is on the way in his sequel.

Peter started his superhero career before Captain America: Civil War with a homemade suit he was able to scrap together using his limited resources. But, once Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) took him officially under his wing, Peter got to keep the first Stark suit. The updated design, worn for much of Spider-Man: Homecoming, included plenty of gadgets that made Spidey ready for just about any situation that he may find himself in. When it came time to go to space in Avengers: Infinity War, the Iron Spider suit was finally used. Although Holland previously teased the return of the first Stark suit in Far From Home, recent evidence shows he's got another new look.

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Set photos and videos from Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed a new suit has come Peter's way. He's using it on his international adventure, but with the movie still in production, we don't know how Peter gets this new suit. Well, we have a new theory for how he is going to get the new threads.

Why Peter Has a New Suit in Far From Home

Since we know Peter has a new suit in Far From Home, one has to wonder why the change is being made. There's the obvious (and cynical) view that the move is just for merchandise reasons. Putting Holland's Spider-Man in a new suit means Marvel can sell brand new materials based on the film. New action figures, clothing, and so much more can now be pumped out so even more money can be made in addition to a likely lucrative box office haul. However, that is hardly the main reason behind the costume change (even if it has some sway). So, we must consider what impact on the story and Peter this new suit brings.

We know Peter is going overseas in the sequel as part of European summer vacation trip with the school. His classmates are joining him on this adventure, but he won't stop his superhero ways just because he isn't in New York. There are no details to this point about what draws Spider-Man into action as he travels across the European countryside, but it should be multiple threats. Mysterio, Chameleon, and many more villains are set to be appearing, but this new suit has to have some importance to the story and possibly in how Peter will be able to stop these new threats.

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There are a few lines of thinking for how the suit factors into the story. Peter may be concerned with maintaining his secret identity, so his journey overseas exactly when Spider-Man starts popping up could raise some questions. The new suit doesn't have a Spidey symbol (at least on the front), which could be his attempt to conceal the fact that Spidey is now active overseas. However, there is another alternative. The black look could indicate that Peter is attempting to operate without being seen, almost like a spy. And what if that's because the new suit comes from the MCU's biggest spy agency?

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