What Spider-Man: Far From Home Can Do With Scorpion

Spider-Man Homecoming - Michael Mando Scorpion make-up

Scorpion May Not Be In Spider-Man: Far From Home At All

Michael Mando hasn't actually been confirmed for Spider-Man: Far From Home, and with the reports that Jake Gyllenhaal is being sought after for Mysterio, it could mean that Scorpion is being saved for the closing chapter of this MCU Spider-trilogy.

Should Scorpion be saved for the potential (read: likely) third film, it's not a sure thing that the Sinister Six be used at all. Indeed, Scorpion could have the entire spotlight for his manic intensity and totemic struggle against Spider-Man.

As much of a shame as it would be to not see Scorpion make his stinger-tail debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home, nor the Sinister Six make any appearance whatsoever, with the right respective dues paid to the character as a primary antagonist toward Spider-Man, an entire movie as his backdrop would be only fitting. Mando carries the acting chops to shoulder an entire movie as a villain himself. Marvel Studios wouldn't be blamed for putting the character on the backburner for a more extreme appearance a few years down the line.

Scorpion Is Also Linked To The Villain Universe

Michael Mando as Scorpion and Tom Hardy as Venom

The MCU isn't the only place web-swinging superheroes have a presence on the big screen. Sony, who still hold the rights to Spider-Man and related properties, have lined up a series of Spider-villain films, starting with Venom later this year. Also in the pipeline is a movie teaming up silver-haired super merc Silver Sable and jewel thief the Black Cat titled Silver & Black. Recently the brakes have been pumped on the apparently Peter Parker-less movie, but before they were, it was reported that Scorpion was featured heavily as a punching-bag/setpiece in the film's denouement.

There is a precedent for the Scorpion’s association with the Black Cat, recently acting as one of her top enforcers in the Black Cat Gang in the comic books. It’s not a narrative stretch to place Mac Gargan somewhere in their narrative, especially to be used as an anchor for those casual fans who wander over to the movie from the MCU expecting connections.

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Yet with production now a non-starter, time will tell whether Scorpion is a part of this universe, and whether it's the Michael Mando vintage at all.

Total Reinvention of Scorpion

Mac Gargan aka Scorpion

At the end of it all, Kevin Feige and Marvel will do what they always do; whatever they want. They have a decent track record of subverting expectations whilst still providing fan-pleasing cinema, always in the best service of the story.

Fans wanted a Planet Hulk movie, for example, and instead were given Thor: Ragnarok (where Sakaar, Korg, Mike and Hulk’s battle armor were all given their day in the sun). Any complaints about the transference of plot was lost in the sound of $854 million hitting cashier drawers.

When it comes to Mac Gargan and the Scorpion, fans can expect the unexpected. There will most likely be some sort of reinvention of the character that stays true to the cinematic version of Spider-Man that Marvel have implemented, whilst also retaining a splash of inspiration from the source material - which Marvel wisely realized a long time ago provided a fantastic blueprint for their movies. Whatever happens when we see Michael Mando suit up as Scorpion (and if it happens in Spider-Man: Far From Home or not), it’ll be exciting to watch play out.

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