Tom Holland Teases Big Spider-Man: Far From Home Water Stunt

A new set video from Spider-Man: Far From Home shows Tom Holland's stunt double getting soaked in a stunt. Production is well underway on Sony and Marvel's sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Despite the studios being especially secretive about the first film hitting theaters after Avengers 4, the notoriously loose-lipped Holland has already been responsible for several "leaks" along the way. The one that wasn't be accident actually came prior to filming beginning with Holland playfully revealing the sequel's title.

During the actual production, the only leak to come from Holland was in regards to his costume. After being caught by fans in set videos wearing a mo-cap suit that appeared to tease the Iron Spider suit's return, Holland revealed Peter Parker is going to wear the suit from Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War. Whatever costume he's wearing, he'll be suiting up to face villains such as, reportedly, Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio and possibly Numan Acar's Chameleon. And the latest look at the film teases a major water stunt, that Holland isn't partaking in personally.

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Holland shared a behind-the-scenes look on Instagram today of the Venice set of Spider-Man: Far From Home, where his stunt double can be seen getting blasted by a giant wave. The use of blue screens in the background indicate more VFX are going to be done, and speculation has already turned to what is causing this wave to hit Peter Parker.

One theory that has quickly risen is that Holland is teasing the inclusion of Spider-Man villain Hydro-Man in Far From Home. The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #212 and, as his name suggests, has the ability to transform himself into water. There's no confirmation that Hydro-Man is going to be in the film, but could be a possible role for cast member J.B. Smoove. Then again, this could be a case of reading too much into something, and maybe the wave hits Peter on an already bad day to knock the hero down once more.

Even though Holland isn't participating in this stunt as he is quick to joke about, he does typically do a great deal of his own stunts. Holland famously did some gymnastics during his audition for Spider-Man to give himself an extra leg up on other hopeful actors. His training has come in hand over the course of his three appearances as the character already, but getting hit by a giant blast of water isn't something Holland needs to do on his own. Would Tom Cruise do it? Probably, so if Holland really does want to be able to be mentioned in the same breath as Cruise from a stunt perspective, maybe he needs to call for another take.

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