Far From Home May Feature Another Classic Spider-Man Villain

Molten Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is rumored to feature another classic villain in Molten Man. The first entry in the mysterious MCU Phase 4, the sequel will reunite fans with the wall-crawling hero after Thanos' invasion. Production for the film is currently underway, with Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts back at the helm, while Tom Holland reprises his role as the titular character. Since filming started back in July, several set photos and videos have already emerged online giving fans a peek at the process.

Not much is known about the story considering it will hinge on what goes down in Avengers 4. As seen in Avengers: Infinity War, Peter was part of the unfortunate half of the universe snuffed out of existence after Thanos' deadly snap. However, he's obviously expected to be resurrected one way or another as Earth's Mightiest Heroes battle the Mad Titan in the Phase 3 capper. Sadly, even with a European escapade waiting for him following his revival, it doesn't look like Peter will have any downtime as Far From Home is expected to feature several bad guys, including Mysterio, Vulture, Hydro-Man, as well as Chameleon. And if this latest intel turns out to be true, fans will also see the web-slinging hero going up against Molten Man.

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A new report from MCU Cosmic suggests that Molten Man may also appear in Far From Home. The rumor stems from a set of LEGO figures supposedly being produced for the film that will apparently feature the antagonist. Sadly no specifics were given with regard to how he'll factor into the already villain-packed movie.

Spider-Man villain Molten Man

First appearing in 1965's The Amazing Spider-Man #28, Mark Raxton aka. Molten Man is a New York-born scientist who was accidentally exposed to Spidey-Slayers made from a radioactive meteor which gave him super abilities such as the ability to project radiation and generate heat. While it's quite difficult to relate Ronson's origin story with what is known about the plot of Far From Home, it's also worth noting that it was eventually revealed in print that he's the step-brother of Liz Allan, who was already introduced in Homecoming as Vulture's daughter and Peter's high school crush. And despite Marvel Studios drastically changing the characterization of Liz on the big screen, they can still adapt a version of this narrative to debut Molten Man.

With nothing else to back up the story, it's best to take this new intel with a healthy grain of salt, especially since the supposed LEGO set that started this rumor has yet to emerge. And even if a product shot of the rumored figurines eventually makes their way online, that's still not exactly a confirmation that Molten Man will appear in the film. Admittedly, while tie-in pieces of merchandise have inadvertently revealed clues about what might go down in comic book films in the past, that's not always the case. Anyway, with less than a year to go before Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters, fans won't have to wait too long for Marvel Studios to release additional information about the movie.

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Source: MCU Cosmic

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