Spelunky 2 Delayed to 2020 But For Good Reason

Spelunky 2 Main Character

The Spelunky 2 release date has been delayed from 2019 to 2020. The title is a direct follow up to the 2008 roguelike platformer and was revealed back at Paris Games Week in 2017. Like the first game, players will have to go underground to hunt for treasure while avoiding a wide variety of traps and enemies. While Spelunky may sport an adorable art style, the game is brutally difficult and requires a lot of trial and error.

A gameplay trailer was released showcasing all of the new and varied locations in Spelunky 2There are plenty of options in regard to how players can travel around levels, however, this variety is not exclusive to the player. Locations will be filled with all sorts of deadly obstacles for players to overcome. Those looking to complete the game will have to become accustomed to how each floor functions along with the accompanying traps and enemies. For now, Spelunky 2 will be launching on PC and PS4, while other platforms are being considered after the initial release.

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Over on Twitter, Spelunky 2 developer Derek Yu shared the news that the game isn't going to hit the previously announced 2019 release date. Thankfully, that extra development time will be used to further refine the overall game. One thing Yu is focusing on is the environments in Spelunky 2. Initially, some fans had an issue with the fact that details in-game were very subtle and hard to make out. The development team will be adding more detail to the environments and increasing the contrast so things are fairer and easier to make out when moving across each level.

While no new release date has been announced just yet, Spelunky 2 will probably launch sometime in 2020. According to Yu, development has been moving along smoothly so fans can hopefully expect the game sometime during the first half of the year. More updates will be coming as the game gets closer to launch and a release date will be shared when one is set in stone.

Delays are never too exciting but they ultimately make for a better video game at the end of the day. With the first game's original designer and creator leading the charge on Spelunky 2, fans can likely expect a game that honors and refines the original formula. Thankfully, the release of Spelunky 2 doesn't seem to be far off so the wait won't be too much longer.

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Source: Derek Yu/Twitter

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