Speed Racer Trailer = Live Action Video Game

I'm not quite sure what I think of this Speed Racer trailer. I don't think one can really complain because it looks like it will be about the most faithful translation of an old cartoon series to a big screen live action movie. Earlier today we brought you a bunch of Speed Racer images and now the trailer those images are from is online.

It looks rated G. It looks really simplistic in it's writing. And it looks more like a cartoon come to life than anything I've ever seen before with the super bright primary colors and effects. If nothing else it looks like the Wachowskis (who brought us The Matrix, as if you didn't know) will once again contribute a groundbreaking film to the masses.

Trailer after the jump...

You can see it in HD over at Moviefone.

I think people are going to be split right down the middle on this one. I have fond memories of the old cartoon series and used to draw the Mach 5 all over the place.

On which side does your opinion fall?

Speed Racer opens on May 9, 2008.

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