Speed Racer Not Rated G, Plus: Video Game Trailer

As far as the announcement early on that the Wachowskis intended on making this a G-rated movie - it never really set right with me. I certainly don't have anything against movies that are rated G, but a live action version of a story involving villains, car crashes AND made by the Wachowskis?

I never really bought it. And the review mentioned above confirms it, unless some cuts are made between this and the released version.

According to the person who sent in the review, the movie includes multiple uses of the word "ass," at least one "sh*t," and Speed's younger brother flipping someone off.

Not exactly G-rated material, folks.

It doesn't sound strong enough for PG-13, considering how THAT rating pushes the envelope, but it's for sure a PG if what was described remains.

On another note, here's the trailer for the Speed Racer video game, which actually doesn't look that different from the trailer for the actual film.

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For more on the video game head on over to Yahoo!.

Speed Racer opens on May 9, 2008.

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