Great New Way To Find Movies Online

Thanks to our friends over at /Film for putting us onto a great new site that helps users find movies they can watch online, LEGALLY, sometimes for free, other times via rental or a paid subscription like Netflix (which you might already subscribe to, if you're streaming movies online to begin with).

The site is called Speed Cine; it works as a master database of films that are legally available for viewing online, where you can find them, and what is required to access them. If you're one of those Web surfers that doesn't give a crap whether the content you amass - music, TV shows or movies - is legal or not, you can hop off this post now and continue about your dirty business. For those of you who adhere to the ethic that illegal downloading IS stealing, keep on reading.

The Speed Cine interface is pleasantly simple (see above), though the site is currently in its beta testing stage, so the format and look could change by the time it goes fully live. You'll be greeted by an alphabetical list of movies, with options to search only the free movies available (sold!), all movies available, or sift through the films one alphabet letter (or number) at a time.  No matter which categories (Free, Rental, Purchase or Subscription) your desired movie falls into, you'll be forwarded to a second page for your specific movie choice, featuring links to all applicable sites it's available on. So if you like 21 Hours at Munich as much as I do (just a random selection I made), you can first watch it for free over at Hulu, then head back to Speed Cine to find out if and/or where you can purchase it for digital download.

I'm digging this site and already have it bookmarked. It's really a smart move - getting ahead of the game by creating a search engine for the still-evolving market of online cinema - and so far the makers of the site seem to have followed the proper guidelines of site building: simple, clean, no hidden strings or fees attached. It makes sense for studios to embrace a site like this, as it will undoubtedly help increase the exposure (and $$$) they reap from their online movie archives.

Head over to Speed Cine to check it out for yourself. Do you see any good movies on there (for free)? Or does the database need some bigger and better flicks to choose from? If you answer that last question in the affirmative, maybe this kind of site will motivate studios to put more of their major hits online?

It's going to be interesting to see.

Source: Speed Cine via Slash Film

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