How Skyrim Gave Birth To The Hilarious Speech 100 Meme

It's the ability everyone would love to unlock in real-life, so here's how The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gave birth to the hilarious Speech 100 meme. It speaks to the quality of Skyrim that a game that was first released back in 2011 is still being talked about to this day. Bethesda Softworks (Fallout 4) created a sprawling fantasy sandbox for players to explore, where no two playthroughs are ever the same.

From slaying dragons to the perils of buying a house, Skyrim offers danger and excitement at every corner. In keeping with a lot of Bethesda titles the game has been criticized for numerous bugs and technical flaws that can impact the experience, but the truth is the game is such a rich, in-depth adventure that players tend to overlook a lot of these issues. Even experienced players are still uncovering new things about the game years later.

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One of the upgradable skills in Skyrim is speech, with a higher level opening up more dialogue options. This can be particularly useful for bringing down prices with merchants, bartering or persuading NPCs to give up particular information during a quest. Naturally, maxing out this ability and reaching level 100 is a very useful skill for players to have, and it quickly spawned the Speech 100 meme.

The joke behind this Skyrim meme involves someone who comes out with a particularly witty comeback or can convince anyone they're telling the truth, regardless of how outrageous the lie. The meme first became popular when attached to a photo of a real-life escaped prisoner managing to convince a police officer he was just out jogging. Naturally, the memes become more exaggerated, outlandish and dark from there.

Like the "Who Created Kirby" meme or the Get Out challenge, it's strange to see how something can evolve into a meme that just keeps running. In the case of Speech 100, there are a lot of hilarious examples out there, so it's a meme that will likely continue for a long time to come. The meme extends to other Skyrim skills too, such as Illusion 100 or Sneak 100.

On that note, Speech 100 is clearly a good skill to acquire in Skyrim itself, though it can be a grind reaching that level. That are some in-game exploits that be used to reach this level faster, though the honest way to Speech 100 is buying and selling a lot of items, with repeatedly buying and selling expensive gear one method of getting there quickly.

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