Spectre Featurette Explores the Music of James Bond

The jury is still out on whether or not Daniel Craig will assume the role of iconic superspy James Bond in another film after this fall's Spectre. However, regardless of who dons the suits in subsequent 007 installments, the franchise has always strived to maintain its essence of cool sophistication - and a sense of big-screen grandeur.

Over the years, Bond theme songs have been one of the staples of the franchise, with Adele's 2012 tune "Skyfall" serving as the first Oscar-winning song in the series. Sam Smith's recent release "Writing's on the Wall" may not have been as widely praised as its predecessor, but if its role in Spectre is anything like previous entries in the series -- and since Skyfall director Sam Mendes is back onboard for this film, it should be -- the new song was likely tailor-made for the tone and scope of its parent film.

Via the official James Bond 007 YouTube channel, MGM posted a new featurette (see above) that delves into the behind-the-scenes process behind the creation of "Writing's on the Wall" and the Spectre creative team's intention to tie the song in with the film (in term of its mood, story, and themes). In addition, the footage offers a glimpse of the making of the "Writing's on the Wall" music video, as well as details on how Smith became involved with the project.

Sam Smith's Spectre theme song titled Writing's On the Wall

Though this Spectre featurette won't convert anyone who isn't a fan of "Writing's on the Wall", it does lend an interesting peek at the mindset behind crafting a Bond theme. After all, the franchise is so iconic and beloved by so many that nearly every detail of an upcoming production is closely scrutinized - including (of course) the artist, title and melody of the associated theme song.

In the case of Spectre, perhaps the instrumental behind "Writing's on the Wall" will serve to be a better fit for Thomas Newman's score than critics of the Smith song realize, as the film will provide much-needed context to the song and its melancholy tune. Regardless, the footage here reveals that at least the intention to create a timeless Bond theme was behind the song - even if it has more than its fair share of detractors, right now.

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Spectre opens in U.S. theaters on November 6th, 2015.

Source: MGM

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