New Spectre Poster Features Léa Seydoux as Madeline Swann

The poster for Spectre featuring Daniel Craig's James Bond has been updated, with Bond girl Madeline Swann (Léa Seydoux) added in.

Spectre with Daniel Craig as James Bond

There has been widespread speculation about where the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, will take the iconic British spy. The trailer has shown Europe and snowy mountains, but we still don't know exactly where the action will largely be set. However, one thing we do know for certain about the newest 007 adventure is that something will bring him to Mexico City. Both the trailer, which revealed the traditional pre-credits action scene, and the promotional posters have incorporated skeletal Day of the Dead imagery that hint at what's to come.

While it is doubtful that the film will focus entirely on the action in Mexico, it seems safe to assume that the skeleton man after Bond will also impact his love life. We can now reveal a new poster that highlights a new Bond Girl, in addition to the skeleton man.

The most recent official Bond poster, released on the official 007 Twitter account, isn't drastically different from what we've already seen. In fact, it is simply an updated take on the existing one. The focus is still centered on Bond (Daniel Criag) looking calm and collected in his impeccable suit and trademark gun, with a looming skeleton man in the background. Now however, Madeline Swann (Léa Seydoux) has been added in - looking equally impeccable in a floor length silver dress.

Spectre poster Daniel Craig Lea Seydoux

We know that the plot will hinge on a message from Bond's past that leads him on an investigation to uncover a new nefarious organization.  This evil new group that might be  lead by the film's probable main villain Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), though there is no telling on if Waltz is the man in the fedora. Both Seydoux (pictured above) and Monica Bellucci have been added as the latest 'Bond Girls'.

While the quality of Craig-era Bong films have varied from the more uneven Casino Royale to the outstanding Skyfall, expectations are high for Spectre which is expected to be the last Bond film helmed by Mendes. With Craig confident in the role, Waltz on board in any capacity - main villain or not - and Bellucci and Seydoux looking primed to elevate the role of 'Bond Girl' to the next level, this film seems poised to meet, or even exceed, those expectations.

Of course, the script overhaul and budgetary difficulties could always still impact the movies quality, but I for one am still eagerly anticipating the return of 007.

Spectre is scheduled to open in theaters November 6th, 2015.

Source: Official James Bond Twitter

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