Todd McFarlane Reveals Spawn Script Page, Promises 'Big News Soon'

Todd McFarlane posts an early script page for the Blumhouse reboot of Spawn online and teases that some 'big news' will be revealed soon.

As the new cinematic version of Spawn edges closer to theaters, creator/director Todd McFarlane teased fans of the character with a page from the script. Not only that, but he has promised that some "big news" will also be shared shortly, which could mean a major update concerning the production of the movie.

Following the relative disappointment of the 1997 Spawn movie, fans of the demonically powered anti-superhero have long been hearing rumors of a reboot or new film version of the character. This was finally given some credence last year, when McFarlane announced that he had completed a script for a new Spawn film that he intended to direct, and he was looking for the right studio to handle it. Then it was officially announced in July of this year that Blumhouse had picked up the Spawn reboot, and that the writer would indeed be directing it. Little has been revealed about the plot so far, although it will definitely be R-rated and budgeted at a lower level.

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However, it now looks like we may be on the verge of getting a steady stream of updates regarding the project. McFarlane recently posted an entry on his Twitter headed up with the words "Sneak Peek at Spawn Movie script." It contains a photo of "a (partial) early scene from the latest SPAWN Movie script." Along with that, he stated he will be revealing some "big news soon." You can check out the post below:


Here is a tease of a (partial) early scene from the latest SPAWN Movie script. Will be getting you some big news soon!!@ImageComics #spawn

— Todd McFarlane (@Todd_McFarlane) November 24, 2017

In keeping with previous snippets of information, the scene in the script details a conversation between Twitch and another character. Maximilian "Twitch" Williams is the fictional NYPD homicide detective created by McFarlane and a pivotal character in the comics, being both a enemy and ally to Spawn. He is one of the few honest cops in the city and an incredible marksman with his firearms. In previous statements, McFarlane has made it clear that Twitch actually has the biggest role in the storyline, and most of the plot will be seen from his perspective. A glance at the words on the page seems to emphasize his characteristics, with him nailing a target on a shooting range and referring to a known gun trader.

McFarlane's reference to other "big news" could be read as further updates on the filming being made public, maybe some casting news, as no actors have been confirmed for the cast as of yet. New York City was recently confirmed as a shooting location, the schedule for which is due to start in February 2018, so there could be some further news around that or maybe some plot details. However, it could just as easily be an update on the rumored new Spawn animated series, or even Kevin Smith's long-gestating proposed TV series for Sam and Twitch. Hopefully, it'll be a piece of news that will get fans excited for the upcoming reboot. We'll bring you further news on any Spawn related updates as we get them.

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Source: Todd McFarlane

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