Spawn Reboot: Jamie Foxx Was Reportedly Offered Title Role

Todd McFarlane's reboot of Spawn at Blumhouse Productions reportedly offered Jamie Foxx the chance to play the leading anti-hero role.

Jamie Foxx could just play Spawn after all. Spawn previously made his way to the big screen in 1997 thanks to Michael Jai White bringing the anti-hero to life. The film was critically dismissed, making it difficult for the character to get a second chance in live-action. That is, until his comic creator Todd McFarlane began pursuing a movie all on his own. The rebooted take is written by McFarlane and he has the intention to direct the passion project as well.

Spawn found a home with Blumhouse and is being developed with a low-budget superhero take in mind. McFarlane's done a great job teasing the project despite the fact that major news has yet to happen. It is reportedly hoping to film in May, but has not yet snagged someone to play the demonic character.

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According to That Hashtag Show, however, it seems McFarlane has offered the title role to Jamie Foxx. This news come years after Foxx was aggressively pursuing the role in another iteration of a reboot. With his interest well-known, it is now up to Foxx to decide whether or not he still wants to play the part after all these years. Whether he or another actor accepts the gig soon, the plans now are for Spawn to film in August with the character of Twitch Williams being the co-lead.

Foxx is a major star and was one of the many highlights from Edgar Wright's Baby Driver last year. He's not necessarily a major box office draw, but it'd at least give him a chance at a better comic book movie role than his turn as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Even though Foxx was previously very interested in playing this character, it could come down to how McFarlane plans to utilize him that will determine whether or not he signs on.

McFarlane's take will completely Spawn's origin, which will drastically limit the character's face time. That may not matter to Foxx, but it'd also be a bit surprising for him to take a live-action/CGI role where audiences may never get to see his face. McFarlane also says that Spawn won't speak at all in the movie. So, what capacity Foxx would even be needed is a major question. He's also compared the small dose of Spawn in the movie to the role Bruce the shark had in Jaws. All things considered, this may not necessarily be a meaty role for an actor of Foxx's stature.

Should Spawn ever really get off the ground, the emphasis on Twitch and hiding of Spawn will be a difficult balance to strike. The outcry over the lack of Venom in the first Venom trailer could be the exact same reaction a potential Spawn movie designed like this could receive. If Foxx does sign on, then its a great pick-up for the film, even if he won't be featured that much.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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