Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Offers Movie Reboot Update

Spawn Reboot Script Update

Following the release the first theatrical attempt to capture the essence of the character and franchise in 1997, Spawn comic book series creator and seminal comic book writer and artist Todd McFarlane has been pushing hard in recent years to get production of a Spawn film reboot off the ground at last. With a finished script in hand, McFarlane hopes to see the new movie financed on a modest budget - as he appears primed to make good on past promises to bring back the cult-classic character to the big screen as the project's directopr.

After the relative box office success lauded onto the original Spawn film starring Michael Jai White, casting the new reboot will obviously be of major importance, especially when considering the seemingly unprecedented success of Image Comics' associated property that is Deadpool. But the latest word from McFarlane has it that the script has finally been paired down from an initial 183 pages, and casting my soon get underway.

In the below video initially posted on his personal Facebook account, McFarlane brings up the edited script for the Spawn reboot on his computer screen in Final Draft, where viewers can clearly see that the writer is on his way down to a more cinematically digestible 120 pages, with the document in question currently standing at 132 pages. After waxing ambitious for a couple of minutes about his writing process and the state of the film industry, McFarlane states that he plans on having his draft reviewed by a few people, seeing at least two potential actors to star in said production, and announce who his official financiers will be.

LIVE update on my Spawn movie script....

Posted by Todd McFarlane on Monday, March 14, 2016

Given the history of the character on film and TV, and especially considering the rather dated effect that the Spawn film from 1997 has had on the property, McFarlane might be taking on too much too soon, and potentially building hopes for the movie too high. Sight unseen, it's hard to take McFarlane at his hyperbolic word, though he might yet surprise everyone - and produce a film to rival director Tim Miller's inspired cinematic reinvention of Wade Wilson.

For now, fans of McFarlane's infamous anti-hero will have to wait from further word regarding the impending reboot from the man himself. Based on appearances alone, it would seem as though the Spawn reboot may finally happen - and given McFarlane's exuberance and undeniable passion for the project going forward, things might just work the second time around for the comic book property on the big screen.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on all information related to the Spawn reboot.

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