How The Spawn Reboot Will Pull Off A Low-Budget Superhero Film

The producer of the new Spawn reboot has explained how the low-budget superhero film will work. Indeed, when one thinks about superhero films, they usually don't think low-budget. Yet before the recent superhero resurgence, unless they featured Batman or Superman (and sometimes even in those cases), comic book movies often relied on crude special effects and noticeably cheap costumes. Spawn in 1997 was one of the first modern superhero adaptations to devote most of its budget to visual effects, which ended up amounting to a third of the total cost.

Twenty years later, a reboot is now in the worksSpawn comic book creator Todd McFarlane is set to write, direct and produce a new installment with Blumhouse Productions after developing the project for quite some time. Blumhouse is mostly known for producing inexpensive horror films, such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge, Split and Get Out, and this should be right in their wheelhouse since the reboot is going to be more of a horror or thriller than superhero movie and McFarlane has said the film will be low-budget. Now we have an idea of how they'll acheive that.

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In an interview with ComingSoon, producer Jason Blum has revealed just how they plan to bring the comic book character back to the big screen while keeping an eye on their wallets, and it starts with getting back to the core of what makes Spawn so iconic:

"One of the things is we’re keeping the scope of the script relatively contained, so that’s the biggest way. I think the other way is he and I aren’t paying ourselves any money out of the budget nor will any of the actors, so that’s another way. We’re using our usual tricks!"

Todd McFarlanes Spawn

This approach is how most Blumhouse productions work, with contained stories often unfolding in a single location, so it makes sense Blum would apply that same logic to the superhero genre. He and McFarlane  have been working together to develop the recently finished script, presumably to hit these finanical paramaters. As for what the film enails, so far all we know is that the movie will focus on Spawn and Detective Twitch Williams with the two locked in Jaws-like storyline.

Blum for his part has had nothing but praise for the director, also saying in the interview: "I think he’s gonna do a great job. Being a director encompasses a lot of different skills, but one of the most important skills is you have to be a great manager. You’re kind of a General of this army that you have to lead into battle every day, and he does that in his life every day running McFarlane Enterprises." Only time will tell whether fans will be open to a different kind of superhero movie the way they were with recent favorites like Deadpool or Logan.

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Source: ComingSoon

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