Todd McFarlane Meeting With Actors For Spawn Movie Roles

Casting is officially underway for Todd McFarlane’s reboot of Spawn. Spawn is a beloved cult comic revolving around Al Simmons, an assassin who is betrayed by his bosses and brutally murdered. He makes a literal deal with the devil to come back to Earth as a Hellspawn to see his family again, and in the process becomes an anti-hero on the streets of New York. The comic is best known for McFarlane’s distinct art style and dense mythology, and it was previously adapted into a live-action movie in 1997.

While the Spawn movie was modestly successful, it suffered from a bad script and hammy acting, and the PG-13 rating meant the harsher elements of the comic had to be toned down. Despite the explosion of comic books movies in the last two decades, McFarlane resisted further attempts by studios to reboot his character, insisting he would write and direct a new movie himself. He wanted to make a gritty low-budget horror movie where Spawn was a background player, and it wasn’t until Blumhouse signed on to produce in 2017 that the project finally got moving.

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The director took to his Instagram account to confirm the casting process for Spawn is underway, and he even ran into Mark A.Z. Dippe on his flight home, who directed the previous Spawn movie. No actors have officially been cast yet, though McFarlane has previously thrown around names like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx for key roles. It would be interesting change of pace to see DiCaprio in a low-budget horror flick given his attraction to more prestige material, but it seems somewhat hopeful to expect him to sign on.

McFarlane has teased his Spawn reboot will be a twisted, psychological affair, and Spawn himself won’t have a speaking role; McFarlane even compared the character's role in the movie to the shark in Jaws. The main character with be Twitch, a private investigator, though his partner Sam from the comics won’t appear. McFarlane is emphasizing the movie will be relatively grounded too, and that Spawn will be the only supernatural element of the story.

The Spawn reboot is certainly coming at an opportune time; horror has become a hot genre again thanks to movies like IT and Get Out, and Blumhouse’s high concept, low-budget model is perfect for McFarlane’s vision. There are also a number of horror inspired comic book movies on the horizon, including X-Men spin-off New Mutants and Tom Hardy star vehicle Venom.

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The Spawn reboot doesn’t currently have a release date, but McFarlane has previously speculated it will be ready for early 2019.

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