Spawn Movie Filming Start Reportedly Pushed To Summer 2019

Filming on the Spawn reboot has reportedly been pushed back, delayed until summer of 2o19. Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane is expected to write and direct the film, but fans are now going to have to wait just a bit longer for this latest adaptation.

Spawn tells the story of Al Simmons, who, after being murdered, finds himself in hell. He soon makes a deal that, in exchange for his soul, will enable him to return to Earth. Hoping to see his wife, Simmons finds that five years have passed and that he has been transformed into a demonic creature. With nothing of his old life remaining, he becomes a dark and brutal antihero. The series was adapted into a feature film in 1997 with Michael Jai White in the titular role, but was a critical and commercial failure. With even White himself hating the finished result, the franchise remained on the shelf for the next 20 years. Last year, however, it was announced that McFarlane would write and direct a reboot through Blumhouse.

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Excitement for the film immediately ramped up, especially when Jamie Foxx landed the lead role after a six-year campaign. Jeremy Renner also quickly joined the cast, for somewhat vodka-related reasons. But now, according to Production Weekly, eager fans will have to wait a little while longer. Filming will apparently now begin in June 2019. No reason is given for the delay, but this isn't the first time the start date has shifted. Filming was originally supposed to begin in early this year before it was pushed back to spring 2018.

The latest delay will surely come as a disappointment to fans. They can trust, however, that signs still very much point towards production moving forward. McFarlane, for instance, continues to fuel hype through social media. Similarly, The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero was recruited to tackle the special effects. A likely reason for the delay is that Blumhouse, which has been known to give their creators room to craft films the way they want, is allowing McFarlane to do his creation justice.

McFarlane has already stated that his reboot will have a "dark" and "nasty" R-rating and will not be like the superhero movies dominating the box office at the moment - including even Deadpool and Logan. Instead, it will be truer to the source material, embracing more horror elements and themes but also embracing Spawn's emotion. All of which makes Blumhouse, who helped bring Get Out to the big screen, the perfect home for this franchise.

So, while it may or may not get the 2019 release fans have hoped for, they can at least be content in the fact that all involved are trying to ensure that this Spawn adaptation will be as good as it possibly can be.

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Source: Production Weekly

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