A Modern Trailer for the 1997 Spawn Movie

The original Spawn movie of 1997 sees the release of a fan made contemporary movie trailer that suggests what Todd McFarlane's reboot might be.

Spawn Reboot Script Update

Following comic book writer, artist, and entrepreneur Todd McFarlane's recent appearance on AMC's Geeking Out talk show, the creator of the original comic book superhero character and franchise that is Spawn has resumed hyping the long-awaited reboot of the property on the big screen. With a final draft of the new feature film's script reportedly on its way to being completed, fans of the classic Image Comics character may finally be getting a new Spawn movie, following the 1997 film (starring Michael Jai Courtney and John Leguziamo).

Even as information regarding the upcoming reboot of the Spawn franchise has largely amounted to hearsay and hyperbolic speculation from McFarlane up to now, fans of the comic book series upon which the feature franchise is based are undoubtedly still hoping that the movie will finally see production and eventual theatrical release. On that note, one such fan has taken it upon himself to recast the 1997 Spawn movie within the context of a contemporary superhero movie trailer.

In the footage featured above, YouTube user Tim Gonzales offers potential viewers of McFarlane's much talked about Spawn reboot a look at what modern viewers might bear witness to if plans on the new movie move forward. By assembling a montage of specific scenes and sequences from the 1997 film together, Gonzales has recast some of the more dated elements of the '90s Spawn movie within the context of a contemporary superhero blockbuster (to match the respective tones of the Marvel Cinematic and DC Extended Universes, respectively).

spawn superhero actors never sequel

Whether or not plans will actually finally move forward for the Spawn reboot that has been ostensibly in the making since 1998 remains to be seen. Either way, it would appear that there is still significant interest in the franchise - provided someone in a position of authority were to decide to take a chance on McFarlane's new script.

Gonzales obviously holds the original Spawn film in high regard, and his trailer for the 1997 movie serves to show what kind of movie that studios could expect if they were to pick up McFarlane's reboot. If McFarlane persists, and with a little bit of luck, perhaps fans of the franchise like Gonzales will have finally have an updated take on the classic comic book character to engage with on the big screen - to match and rival the likes of contemporary superhero blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on any information related to the Spawn reboot.

Source: Tim Gonzales

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