Space Jam 2 Casts Star Trek: Discovery's Sonequa Martin-Green

Space Jam 2 casts Sonequa Martin-Green as LeBron James' wife, who will reportedly be 'the rock of the family' in the upcoming sports movie reboot.

Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek Discovery

Sonequa Martin-Green is joining the cast of Space Jam 2 as LeBron James' wife. The original Michael Jordan-starring Space Jam was not a box office success when it was released in 1996, but it has since become a cult favorite sports movie for the Millennial generation. The combination of sports and the Looney Tunes has made the IP ripe for a sequel or reboot, and it has long been NBA superstar LeBron James who has been linked to such a film.

A James-led take on Space Jam has been officially in the works since 2016 when Justin Lin became attached to direct. Unfortunately, Lin stepped back into the Fast & Furious franchise he helped make famous, which left the director's chair vacant for Space Jam 2. It was finally announced in the fall of last year that Terence Nance will direct the film, which is being touted as a reboot instead of a direct sequel. The project has started to pick up even more steam lately and now has found its first co-star for James.

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According to Variety, it will be Sonequa Martin-Green who will star alongside James in Space Jam 2 as his wife. Martin-Green is still only a few years removed from her time on The Walking Dead and currently is starring in Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access. While there were no other details given about her character in this report, character breakdowns from That Hashtag Show revealed she is the mother of three kids and described her as "the rock of the family" who "loves her kids unconditionally."

Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek Discovery

This latest role for Martin-Green continues her ascension through Hollywood after spending most of her time, especially over the last six years, dominating the small screen. She has never been in a major movie before, but that is exactly what Space Jam 2 will be. Considering the range she's shown and the characters she has played in the past, hopefully this will be a bigger and more interesting wife role than what Theresa Randle got in the first Space Jam.

With the casting process now in full swing, Space Jam 2 is moving along nicely. The plan is for the movie to film this summer during the NBA offseason (which will be the longest in over a decade for James as the Los Angeles Lakers will miss the playoffs), but there are still several weeks left to cast additional roles before cameras should start rolling. As more casting decisions are made, hopefully some more concrete details on Space Jam 2's actual plot will be revealed too.

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