Game Movie Updates: Space Invaders & Monopoly


These days you should automatically expect news to come out that another toy, board game or video game is going to be getting the big-screen treatment. That continues today with the groan-worthy but nonetheless inevitable news that Hollywood is looking to adapt one of THE classic video games, Space Invaders.

Also, we have an update on the much talked about Monopoly movie which has Ridley Scott set to direct.


The news on the Space Invaders movie comes from the LA Times, so you can take it seriously (read: it's not just a fan of the original game spreading a wishful rumor). Warner Bros. is apparently negotiating to acquire the rights to Space Invaders from the original Japanese manufacturer, Taito. If the deal works out, the project would be produced by Mark Gordon, Jason Blum and Guymon Casady.

Those names may not ring any bells with you, but you'll surely be familiar with what they've worked on: Gordon produced Saving Private Ryan, Speed and The Day After Tomorrow (amongst many others); Blum is best known for producing the hit indie-horror film Paranormal Activity; Casady produced My Best Friend's Girl and exec-produced the upcoming Sylvester Stallone macho-fest, The Expendables.

Space Invaders just adds to a whole slew of movies based on toys, board games and video games. A notable example is that other classic video game, Asteroids. It's no surprise that WB is the one to trying to make a Space Invaders movie, since they recently bought the game's U.S. publisher, Midway.

Like most of these kinds of movies that are in the works, Space Invaders has little-to-no backstory, which leads to a story having to be totally made up for it. I guess pretty much any plot that involves space... or aliens... or invaders could be used and then just slap the Space Invaders name onto it.

So why does the movie need to be based on the game? Name recognition, that's about it.

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